#1 Growth Hacking…The Easy Way

Alright, so this is the first of a series I am going to be putting out. It is all about ramping up your earnings on your site.

There are too many people online today who have no idea how to get people to their site. They have no idea how to get current visitors to share their site.

They have no idea how to grow.

Well, for the first part of the series I am going to share the best way to hack your growth. It requires practically no effort on your part.

So what are we going to talk about this time…

Social Lockers

Social lockers are going to grow your business like crazy. Not only are they pulling in visitors from sites like twitter, they are upping your rank on Google. As your site gets more organic, natural links Google starts to see your site is pretty popular and you move up an inch.

Below is an example of a social locker. You don’t have to unlock it, it’s just an example, there’s nothing cool in there or anything.

[sociallocker]I told you there was nothing good in here[/sociallocker]

Okay, Cool Hannah, What Do You Do With It?

I thought you might ask that, I put article related incentives in there. I use it here. Scroll all the way to bottom and you will see I am offering a mindmap that relates to the article.

In that post I talk about getting started as a newbie online. I then offer a mindmap that is my secret system to making money online.

In order to get that mindmap you have to share and use one of the buttons in the social locker. I made that mindmap in 20 minutes. It’s kind of funny because it has literally only been in my mind all this time.

So offer anything you have. On my Tools page I recommend Resell Rights Weekly to get some great PLR products. Which are product you can own the rights to and can give away for free.

So I gave away something I created but sometimes I give away PLR product that relate to the article. Other things and one of my favorites is checklists. After you talk about a method, sometimes people want to download something that they can own which summarizes the content they just read and gives them an actionable plan. A checklist is perfect for that and can be put together in minutes.

I currently have nearly a terabyte of content downloaded from Resell Right Weekly. When I am writing about a particular topic I can just search my RRW folder to get something cool to give away. The stuff is also great for squeeze page signup incentive if you don’t have something of your own.

More Thoughts

I recommend not doing this on all your posts and pages. It can get annoying and may turn some people off of your site. Some posts just don’t need them so try and only put lockers on the ones that do. And make sure to give away free stuff at the end without a locker. Just to add value to your site and show you honestly want to help them.

So just be smart. Really think about when it is best to use them and when it is not.

What I Use

I use Social Locker. A great efficient WordPress plugin that is surprisingly free. If you want more share options though you can upgrade to premium.

So there you have it! First step in growth hacking. I decided to make a free series on it because it is a simple concept made to look complex. I hope to help you understand how incredibly simple growth hacking is.

Now if you do want that mindset map. I actually a social locker right here 🙂

[sociallocker id=”671″]Thanks, I really appreciate it! Click here to download! [/sociallocker]

Growth Hacking…The Easy Way – Series

#1 Growth Hacking…The Easy Way

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