#2 Growth Hacking…The Easy Way

Welcome to the part two of the series. If you missed the first one please click here to read it first.

In number two we’re going to talk about signup forms.

If you want to grow, you need a list. If you are working online without a list, you are making a big mistake. IF you don’t even know where to start with building a list check out my article: Seriously Build Your List From Scratch.

So you all know what popups are. You are trying to read an article and this ting flashes in your face and without thinking, you close it.

My first conclusion was to not have popups. I did that because I went onto this site without popup forms and was so happy that I decided to subscribe manually. I appreciated that they gave me a chance to read their content and make a decision for myself to sign up or not.

In a sense, I felt the creator respected me for that and they got my respect in return.

But then I realized, that’s just me. There may be some who agree with that but I can’t go with how I respond to things. That is a quick way to conceited, know-it-all failure. I believed the way I responded was how everyone would respond, but we are all different and I realizing that changed my business.

So I decided to use popups and let me tell you, it works.

Utilizing Popups

Okay so I have been online for a while now. I’ve been in the internet marketing game for nearly a decade. Popups are nothing I even notice now. I subconsciously close them. But there has always been one.

One popup type that catches my attention every single time and usually gets me to sign up. Not many people are using it right now but I have seen the type increasing in popularity. You are here at the perfect time to jump  in.

It is the “nobody likes popups” popup. It works like a charm. Right as the visitor is ready to close it, they see some text they agree with on the thing they don’t like. They see that you can relate and choose to see what you have to say. If you are on this site you will see that I have utilized this.

I also have an extremely effective one in the bottom right corner. Popups don’t usually come from there so it is an insane eye catcher.

The text I use on it is similar. It is kinda amusing and once again, agreeable. People will read it. You might have read it.

In that popup and I simply genuine. Why? The person reading the sign up is genuine and considerate, more so than an individual who signs up for every popup. I know that my sincerity will be effective on them.

I simply state the truth. “I hate popups to but I had to get your attention somehow. I have great content and a free course for you that is going to propel greatly online.”

I go about everything online in a genuine way because the landscape is changing here. The old stuff doesn’t work. Being honest and transparent does. But I’ve always done things that way because I really am part of the guru resistance :).

How Do You Do This, Technically Speaking

I use SumoMe. Completely free to join and it is just awesome. Packed with so many freakin tools! There are many other tools though. I like SumoMe because it is easy and clean but there are so many other tools out there that you can use. Just search your plugins for “popup”.

Lastly, if you have any questions please ask in the comments and PLEASE don’t forget to check out my FREE course on building your first online business from scratch. I take you through everything you need to building a profitable passive income business, and I think you’re gonna really enjoy it.

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