#3 – Growth Hacking…The Easy Way

Welcome to the third installment. I’ve learned some great info recently and wanted to share it here. I was learning about expanding your brand. Growth hacking type stuff.

I stumbled across some that I did not want to hear. Because through all my experience I knew this way was a brilliant and super effective way to grow online but I said “nah, I’ll definitely do, but not now.”

Whelp, things have changed. I now have to face the giant because it could be responsible for 50% of my traffic.

The topic for #3 is Youtube.

Yes, I know you know what Youtube is but if you aren’t using it you must not know it well. So let’s dive in.

Youtube the Platform

Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google and Google owns Youtube. I have a theory that if you are popular on Youtube you will also be popular on Google, i.e. get better rankings.

If you want to expand your brand and hack your growth, you need to be everywhere. Why not be on the biggest search engine. Pretty there are people who like to read and people who like to listen/watch. I have the read part down pat.

The ‘watch’ part, not so much. So if I really want to be everywhere. and be in front of everyone’s face. I needed to start a Youtube channel. You need to start a Youtube channel.

If you want to get in front of everyone you must do this. The idea of growth is having multiple streams of traffic.

So start a channel and I suggest you name it with your name or your website title.

Tried It Before

I actually tried it before. When I first started online, I uploaded a ton of PLR videos. I am only just looking now and I have a nearly 2,000 views. And the videos are absolute crap. Seeing that 2000 views got me really excited because that was with no work, nor tags, no optimized description, no nothing.

I am excited because now I know a lot of knowledge on getting YT views. I know how to optimize them and everything.

So let me show you.

Search Optimize Videos

More important than anything else is getting views. To get YT all you need to do is figure out and write the keywords someone would type to get to your video.

Now go to the search engine and type those keywords in. 

Click on the ones that are most relevant and on the first page.

Look at their tags and copy them for your video. Youtube took away visible tags a while ago but there is still a way to peek inside.

While on the page just right click and select “view page source”. Now look for <meta and tag> on that page.

It looks like this:  <meta property=”og:video:tagcontent=” and should be under the first bit of nonsense text.

Now you can see the tags for the video.

Now go back and see if there is something good in the description that you can paraphrase. These videos are in the top places for a reason.

YT search engine is very primitive and easy to rank for. Youtube has no way of saying whether or not a video is legit like Google can do with a website. It has to look your tags and description to see if you are worthy of the first positions.

Any videos in the first position are doing it right. So do what they’re doing.

Creating Effective Videos

Now that people have found your videos, you need to make sure they are good and have high retention. I talk about this more in another post so I will keep it simple here. Simply create good relevant content. Make sure the tags are related to the video.

If people search for info on raising chickens and get a video on basket weaving, they are going to leave because it’s not what they are looking for.

Make your tags relate well to the actual video itself for high retention.

Lastly, use a good style. Be creative with your style. The best way to succeed is to do what successful people are doing. Look at some of the channels you watch. Which have videos that really get you engaged.

Slideshows with voiceover, whiteboard animations with voiceover, maybe those with a video overlay of you, you standing in front of a whiteboard. Simply choose a style that you enjoy and you know other will too.

And always remember you can switch it up. You can do all kinds of styles. In fact that would help you determine which ones get the most views.

When it comes to growth hacking, Youtube is the way to go. You can do the videos yourself or hire someone. Do whatever you want. I didn’t say do what you are comfortable with. Because most times to reach success you need to come out of your comfort zone sometimes.

That concludes part 3 of Growth Hacking…The Easy Way

As always please share and if you have any questions please feel free to use the comments to ask them.

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