Hello! My name is Hannah and I have been an internet marketer for six years now. I have experienced everything there is to online. The failure, the scams, the loss, the triumphs, the success and finally the wisdom. I have created this site because there are too many sites out there that will review and say anything to earn a buck.

I wanted to be one of the few people who review and recommend only quality products and name the big scams out there. I have time and freedom now to experience all the new products and warn people of the bad ones while recommending and bringing forward the good, honest and hopefully working ones2020

There are sites where people review bad products and scam their readers to make a sale but there are also sites out there where the reviewer hopes for the best but doesn’t have the knowledge or experience to really determine when a product is good or not. As mentioned I have tried everything there is online.

I have a vast knowledge in these subjects and my ultimate goal is to get my viewers on the right track and make sure they steer clear of the amazing amount of BS products out there. Signing up to my list will allow you to contact me and  ask any questions you want in addition to all the other bonuses. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced marketer I am here to help and am sure I can in one way or another.

Lazy Lazy Lazy

photo 4 (3)Now onto the lazy part (associated with my old site TheLazyInternetMarketer.com). Why am a lazy internet marketer. Well, it’s a short story. I am really lazy. I like leisure time and therefore always look for the easiest and fastest ways to earn online. People before always said no such thing exists. The truth is, to earn a full time income starting with a low budget no method exists but if the goal is to earn a small amount per day to start off with there are tons of methods available. They’re really cool, tricky, and unsaturated.

However when it comes to earning a full time income and keeping things easy it is a challenge with a lack of funds. Example, I could take weeks, maybe months, putting together a product to sell. This includes building a website writing the content on the site and tremendous amount of work that follows. Or I could pay someone to do it all for me while I keep all the profits. I get to stay lazy you see? But I have the income to back it up.2015

So two conclusions. First I have a philosophy for the IMer that says to earn big you must start small. Much like Warren Buffet’s snowball effect. You have to start with nothing and add on. The key is knowing where to invest that amount to earn more. Second conclusion is I am lazy so I review many products that offer an easy way out and test them to see if they are honest to their word or not. It is fun to me and I know it can help many people…hopefully you.

A little more about me me.

I am a bit of a everything person. I enjoy many different hobbies and spend my free time doing leisure type activities. Internet marketing is perfect for me because it allows me to enjoy all of my different hobbies. Some things I like to do are play video games, guitar, watch tv until my eyes hurt and just go outside relax and stop looking at lights i.e. computer and tv screens. I really enjoy my dogs and soon ferrets.richards-1967-ford-mustang-super-snake-elenaor-gt500-6

I am an extreme introvert. My goals go beyond making a living online. I want to make and do so much more. I mostly want to start a gaming studio but I also program apps and will set up shop as soon as possible. My focus is to really get everything automated online so I can pursue those dreams.

Let’s see…I really love cars and will probably faint when I finally buy my 1967 Shelby Mustang. I like the outdoors and doing various activities like running, biking, hiking, climbing, and all that. I am also always up to date with new tech that comes out so that’s a thing.

That’s wraps it up for me…

So how about you? I like to talk to people in hopes that I can quickly help them. Let me know about you and your current situation and I might be able to help you figure out what your next step should be.

Sign up to my list and you will be able to talk to me directly.

Signing Off,


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