Best Way To Make Money Online

This question gets asked a ton. What is the best way to earn online?

Well, I have an actual answer for you.


What does that mean to you. For me it means very minimal startup cost, right? You don’t want to have to invest thousands in ads. You may want to start simple, paying for only hosting and domain.

“Best” means you keep startup costs down while also knowing you will get a big return on your investment in the shortest amount of time.

“Best” can also mean an easy learning curve in this situation.

So with those criteria there are two ways that qualify for the best way to make money online:


Yep, freelancing. You can use your skills to make a lot of money online. It is in no way passive but it meets the criteria.

  • It takes zero dollars to startup, and there is no website required, though recommended.
  • There is barely a learning curve. Especially if you already have the skills you are selling.
  • You can get a very big return on investment. In this case you are only investing time.

On Income 101 I talk more about freelancing and what it really is so check that out for more info.

Freelancing is just perfect. There are people earning insane amounts doing it. If you are going into freelancing there a ton of different ways to earn.

You can use your own skills but, whatever they are, I recommend copywriting. It’s easy, it’s fun, and people will pay you thousands to write a sales page for an hour or two.

Copywriting is very easy to learn. Here I have a list of copywriting resources that have propelled to become a master of sales. The best thing about it is that you can be earning anywhere from $3000-5000 per month and WAY more. That is literally the average. Plus you have an excellent chance of working with a big company full time. Which I am not against, because it allows you to build up a great income that you can rely on when you decide to go the second route of making money online in the best way…

Start a Website and Create a Product

These are in this order for a VERY specific reason. If you want to be successful online and fast, you are going to want to have money to invest. Instead of wasting time writing an ebook you can pay someone to do it. Instead wasting time creating a website, you can pay someone to do it. Instead of wasting time writing articles, you can pay someone else to do it. Instead of…eh…you get it.

Doing things in this order is what got me to here online. First I freelanced then I built up websites.

So the next best way, usually after you’ve done the first, is to start a website and sell a product. Starting a website is easy. The only kinda hard part is choosing what to make a website about. When it comes to creating a passive income business, there are two ways to think about it.

First, you can simply choose the most popular niches, commonly called evergreen niches. Those are weight loss, dating, hobbies, and make money. The idea here is that it doesn’t matter if you love it or not. It is a passive income business so, it is not necessary for you to deeply care for it.

Another idea added onto that is that you aren’t thinking about yourself. Instead you are doing something that solves a need for someone. You don’t have to like the topic but you should like helping others.

People want to lose weight, people want to meet people, people want to make money.

You are helping them by showing them how, even if you don’t like dating or weight loss.

Second, you choose a passion of your own. I like this way because you are going to be making a passive income writing about something you don’t have to research.

Something that you know so well your readers know for a fact you what you’re talking about. You are helping people, sharing great, honest info and loving it!

My recommendation: When starting up choose something you love because chances are you don’t have the full set of skills required to get into these saturated niches.

Almost forgot! When you do build up your site you want to have a product to sell. I don’t consider this an immediate requirement though. It’s just that it is always best to have your own thing to sell and earn 100% commissions on. Even better you can get affiliates to sell it for you.

Instead of creating a product right off the bat you can a find a good product on Clickbank and upsell that. What you might want to do is create a small guide you can give away for free to people who like you and join your list.

That is what I do right now because I don’t yet have the time to create my own full blown course currently. So what I did was find and joined some programs that I felt worthy of my readers. So right now I simply recommend and upsell Affiliorama and Wealthy Affiliate. They are both perfect programs to join if you are looking to start your first business online.

!There are many many many benefits of creating your own product though.

People read your content for a reason. People joined your email list for a reason.

They like you. They want to hear more from you and most important they would like to buy from you if possible.

Most people with Macs have iPhones.

All people with Windows Phones have Windows PCs.

If people like what you write, like what you say, they would also like and prefer your products. It is kind of hard to really care for an affiliate product you recommend because they invested their time in you.

So really keep that in mind when thinking about creating a product or not.

That concludes this post. I hope you now know the best way to earn money online.

If you enjoyed, please share and comment if you have any questions 🙂 Thanks!