Camping Outside on Christmas

Christmas was amazing this year. It is one of the few times during the year that my whole family is really together.

I have six brothers and sisters so it is really hard to grow up, if you know what I mean. We range from 18 – 30 y/o but when together, we range from 4-12.
photo 1
So on Christmas, me and my brother each got tent. Which means we all have tents now. I believe it was me who first stupidly said, “hey, let’s camp outside with our new tents”. Because we don’t think things through, we all gathered up our tents to camp outside — in Cleveland, December weather.

We setup our tents and prepared for the stupid decision none of us were backing down from. The only smart one was my oldest brother who said he would watch us from inside as he sips his warm tea.

Whenever we came in from the cold he would say how chilly he was getting inside :D.

We were dying out there, asking “Why are we doing this? We have absolutely no obligation!”.

photo (2)But no one wanted to back down. So I kept running back inside for more layers until I felt the weather surviable.

After we were done laughing and being the fools we are, we went to sleep.

My older brother stuffed his shirt with maybe ten of those handwarmers that you shake to heat up. I had my buddy Jeff with me to protect me but also keep me warm (he’s a dog guys, calm down).

I woke up so many times during the night. I was just freezing and it 5763477+_88aa645b7c35126388e134dbf656053cseemed no matter what I did, I couldn’t get warm.

It was just unnecessary torture.

I was wearing at least 3 shirts, 4 jackets, two coats, plus my house coat.

Yes, I looked homeless and thought it would be really funny if my oldest brother called the police and said there were homeless people camping in his backyard.

But anyway…I kept waking up and couldn’t seem to get warm. Every time I woke up, I looked at my watch in hopes of it being time for me to go inside without looking like a wimp.

On top of the freezing, I woke up to coyotes howling on the golf course behind my house. My dog kept growling quietly until they finally shut up.

I then re-wrapped myself in my five blankets and tried to get warm again and again.

I mean, it was so cold that you couldn’t move to even pull the covers on in order to get warmer. So I would freeze and just stay like that sometimes.

photo 2I am still surprised my mom let us do it. She was so scared of us catching on fire that she put out that one source of warmth we did have.

But I did it…for no reason at all…but I still did it…even though…it wasn’t necessary…I still bore through the cold!

It was fun, but mostly because it was so stupid, pointless, and funny. I believe the temperature started at 35 and just kept getting lower so fast. Overall, I really enjoyed that whole day and night but still wonder why?

Why did I have to say the idea out loud.