The Guru Resistance

Hey :), this is just a silly but honest article I made about the three types of internet marketers out there. An if you are actually reading this, I love you and appreciate it. I am going to go over the full landscape of internet marketing and you are going to see it on a…

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How to Write Good Content For Your Website

Let’s get right into. I am going to simply list the different ways I create content for my site. If you have a blog this info can be applied. Content is the new best way of marketing so take this stuff seriously. I follow a lot of blogs I follow a ton of blogs. I…

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Is Working Online Fun?

Yes…well sort of…err ya…for the most part. Working online can be fun and very rewarding in different ways. The only problem is that in the beginning it is all about working hard to earn anything you can. You have to hustle, you have to plan. It can be exhausting, but the end results are totally…

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