Digital Marketing Crash Course for Noobs

Digital marketing is kind of hard to explain but I see it as utilizing the different tools of the internet to get the most out of a website. We are going to go over those tools in this article.

I didn’t understand digital marketing until recently to be honest. I’ve always been set on one method of building a website and my mind was not knowledgeable enough to understand how it worked.

I found that digital marketing was not a method of marketing but a mindset.

So let’s dive in.

First thing you need to know is that digital marketing is a mindset. It is how you view the online world. I had to change how I see things.

Now, when I look at a website, all I see are more ways for it to earn and here are the different things I look for. The following list is going to go over everything you need to know to maximize profits on a website. If you have a website that is not utilizing these things you are missing out.

Digital marketing is gathering every single tool you can to earn online. If you are missing a tool you are missing out on profits. So just to give you an idea of how important internet marketing can be, think about a site like Flippa.

I love that site because you can buy a website with a TON of traffic but no revenue. Using the following info you can revamp the site to have it earning insane revenue. After that you can even sell it if you want.

Social Media

Social media includes all the big players like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. When you create a product you want to set up an account for that product. Mainly just a FB page.

Example: You have to sit back and have the mindset though. So if I come out with a weight loss product here is what I’d do.

I am going to create a FB page right away for the product. After that I will open upload some Pinterest photos related to weight loss that lead back to my website. I would create infographics and and healthy recipes and anything else that can be related to weight loss and explaining how to do it.

I would create a Twitter account for the product that I write helpful tweets on in order to gain attraction.

The whole idea is to be everywhere.

That is how you maximize revenue for anything and social media is an excellent place to start.

It is mostly useful because you can build an audience without having a list. You can also go viral when you share something interesting which gets you maximum reach.

Video Sharing

Video sharing sites are another great way to get great reach. You already have a ton of social media traffic but videos are a widely popular way of sharing information.

What you should do is create a channel related to your niche and post videos to it. It can be powerpoint presentations, just audio, whiteboard animations, spokesperson videos, instructional, whatever you can think of.

You can even look at channels related to your niche and see what they are doing. If they have thousands of subscribers you know you are following the right channel.

Lastly, make sure you get your videos uploaded to the top video sharing sites. Obviously Youtube, but also Vimeo and I’m sure there are others too.

Just think about it. If you build up a good following then every video you release will be watched by somebody. Every video you release will have a link to your website or product in the description.

Email List

You should always have a list. No matter what market you are in there is something to sell. You should have a list to sell that thing to.

But, you must know how important an email list is by now so I won’t bother with this too much.

Build up a list for your site and make sure you have a good amount of products in line that you want to sell to them.

Also make sure you have some emails in line that you can send out on autoresponder. I only recommend that though if you are growing a list in a niche you don’t want to be an authority in.

Great Content

Have content. If you are a youtuber who doesn’t utilize articles you are making a grave mistake. People love youtube sure, but people also love Google. People like searching for and reading things online to learn.

Make sure you have a website that brings in traffic from the search engines and Youtube.

Pretty much, if you have a business online, you MUST have a website at the heart of it.

There are so many Youtube Channels who don’t have websites at all. When in fact it should be opposite. Your website should be the center of your business and Youtube should just be a digital marketing tool.

Write content so people who like to read can do so. Also do it for FREE SEO traffic.


You should always have advertising on your website. This can be done through so many different websites.

You can have a banner that leads to an affiliate link.

You can open up advertising spots to publishers on BuySellAds.

You can have CPA offers in the banners that you would find on sites like Max Bounty.

Just advertise something. Don’t overdue it though.

Product Creation

You should always have your own product. You should always have a way of making income that is 100% yours. To do that you need to sell your own product on your website.

To make money from a website you need to sell something. Affiliate commissions are great but having your wn product is way better.

Affiliate Commissions

Sell other people’s product where possible, but don’t overdue it. To find affiliate products visit sites like Clickbank, JVZoo, Warrior Plus, Warrior Forum, etc. For niche sites Clickbank is going to be your best choice.

Just find a product and implement it in appropriate context. If you are writing an article about how to train a dog it would be a good idea to put in an affiliate to a product like this at the end.

Think about it — the person reading it is interested in training their dog. So why not recommend a great product for them to buy. They know you obviously can’t teach them everything in one post.

But do you see how it is a mindset?

As you write an article you simply have to know, “I can recommend a product here. It fits in with the article and the post is good enough for them to trust me.”


Other ways of maximizing site potential is using other share sites LinkedIn’s Slideshare. There you can share your Powerpoint presentations that teach people about any subject. So you can make a powerepoint that teaches people how to make money online then add your upsell at the end. You can also have your website name throughout so people are led back there.

Logic and Strategy

Digital marketing is all about critical thinking and strategy. You know what the internet has to offer, from social media to video sharing sights. You also know people use these platforms to earn online.

So here is an exercise — yes really, I am giving you homework.

Go to

Look at the websites for sale and think about how you would maximize their income.

Could you sell a product?

Could you build up a list?

Does it need more presence in social media?

Come back here and look for solutions.

Most importantly be logical. Would the audience of that website really care to join a list. Do they even want to buy a product?

There are some sites that are best at just giving great content and only earning from advertising. In such a case, for example, your only job is to build a list and get people to come back to your site. So advertisers have to pay more for impressions.

So that is your assignment. If you want to really want to learn how a digital marketers mind works, follow the instructions. Eventually, you will get better and your mind will be able to figure out what is needed faster.

I hope you enjoyed the article. Please share and consider subscribing if you want to learn more about this subject.