Don’t Lose Your Shiny Object Syndrome — How I Balance Online Business and Why

If you don’t know, shiny object syndrome is something new internet marketers have to deal with when trying to make a living online. You go through online, falling for sales page after sales page looking for whichever one claims to make you the most money in the smallest time frame.

Just as an FYI, no matter how good or bad a product is, the sales page is ever so carefully crafted to entice you into buying.

If you have the syndrome you most likely have a solid way of earning online. Instead of applying the method you for whatever reason keep searching and keep buying.

But you know what?

Don’t lose that spirit. I brought 4 Warrior Plus offers just yesterday. Do I have the shiny object syndrome? For the most part yes, but here is the difference…

I have put together a logical plan to earn a good income online. If something sounds really good I will happily buy it.

I mean who doesn’t love a good sales page? — but instead of pursuing what is being taught and quitting on my working plan, I look at honest reviews like on my good friend’s site, The Wolf of Online Marketing, and I go through the product quickly.

Only reading or watching, mind you. I am not implementing anything yet.

If I can logically go through the steps and say “This looks legit and if I implement this method I will make money”, I don’t quit what I am doing…

…I rewrite my plan.

I rewrite my plan using the following criteria.

  • How much can this method make
  • How much time will it take to set it up
  • How much time will it take to see +ROI
  • Can I fit this into my goals while still making progress with my main task

Now here is an actual example. About a year ago, I created a website, The Lazy Internet Marketer. The idea was to do reviews on the site. I knew for a fact it would be profitable so I proceeded to work on it. After a while I discovered the power of content blogs. Sites like Everything Income where I share value with readers.

I wrote out a plan and fit Everything Income in with The Lazy Internet Marketer. During that time I kept buying products. Because no matter how long I’ve been doing this, there is always something new to learn.

I stumbled onto more Fiverr related methods that expanded on what I already knew. Fiverr was mainly — put up some gigs and wait for sales. However as I stayed on it I discovered an amazing fact, I am a really good marketer and there is nothing I enjoy more than helping people build up their dream online.

I also have some great skills with creating and web design.

I decided to create a digital marketing website, Silkland Marketing. So I did not abandon anything. I followed my above criteria and determined creating the site was worth my time.

Instead of abandoning my other sites I rewrote my plan.

I add it to the product list, and from there I take tasks and add them to my monthly goals.

Even after that I realized a review site, while profitable, is not super passive and I am not inspired to write reviews of products all the time. After long debate I decided The Lazy Internet Marketer was not worth it so I rewrote my plan again. I did not abandon The Lazy Internet Marketer, I simply merged it with Everything Income.

My mind was still set on what is most important.

Fitting It All In

I like to do one thing at a time, so in my plan I simply put “build Silkland Marketing by the end of the month”. Instead of replacing things I create “something” Day.

I had Fiverr Days where I would learn all I could about Fiverr, create the gigs, and do whatever to get more earnings from it.

So while my whole week was devoted to fixing up my main sites I inserted at least one day per week devoted to something that seems lucrative.

Even though Everything Income is my priority, I have been learning a TON about Amazon. So I have a day that I devote to Amazon FBA or niche sites.

I built up Life Longboard in one day.

I rewrite my plan whenever something meets my criteria to fit it in without taking over what I find to be the most important.

Local Biz Marketing is proving to be extremely profitable and I have to rewrite my plan to fit it in. Or at least add it to my goals I need done by the end of the month.

I’ve been doing this for forever and it works. I have built niche sites in a day with this method.

And all of these things I have created, have proven to be profitable and guess what?

I found them because of my shiny object syndrome.

The only thing to remember is that you need to stick with what is most important and not waste too much time on SOS products. Read through your new product and think about if it makes sense. Does it meet the criteria and do you know it will benefit you in the long run?

I love buying new products. But I stopped becoming a collector a long time ago. A collector is someone who just buys or downloads everything that promises wealth. I might buy products throughout a certain week but I will devote a part of a specified day to speed reading them all and checking for BS or viability.

So in conclusion, here is what I recommend.

Choose a solid method. I personally recommend creating a niche blog where you can sell products. This will be your base that everything else revolves around. The thing you know has been proven to work and you know will earn you a full time income online.

Continue to read. Read through sales pages and see what is promised in terms of education, not income. Sign up to honest lists and buy what they offer if it sounds interesting or useful. It is always going to be good.

Read reviews of the product. If you don’t know the seller, read reviews. I review really good products here on Everything Income and give completely honest, unbiased reviews. I also recommend Marc Gray of The Wolf of Online Marketing. He is one of the few people that write honest reviews about products and the only person I trust other than myself.

Go through it and see if it is worth your time. Just be smart about things. For example, if someone is teaching you how to build a membership site. Make sure they say you can start from scratch. Make sure there is a section where they tell you how to get members. Go through each step in your head and think if it logically will actually work.

Add it to the pile. Add it to your plan and try to devote a day to that method — either learning or implementing it. Don’t lose focus of your main site though.

Finally the reason I say all of this is because I remember when I started out everyone would say focus on one thing. You just have SOS, they’d say. The reality is, there are a ton of ways to earn online. I think you would be limiting your income if you chose to focus on one thing. There are a wealth of opportunities out there.

SOS only becomes a serious problem if you are avoiding what you know is true. The list seems to be the big one. I avoided this for years and years. I let my SOS run rampant in order to avoid the hard way. I wanted quick easy and profitable. That is it. I don’t want a website, I don’t want to build a list, I want the easy life.

As long as you are not avoiding those thing I think you will be fine.

Finally again, if you focus on one profitable method you will eventually have the income to pay someone to build up sites and implement new methods for you. That should be your goal.

Plans, change you just need to learn how to be flexible.

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