Gathering Affiliates to Promote Your Product

I am gonna assume that since you are here you understand how important it is to build up an affiliate army before releasing your first product.

If you release a product without any sort of affiliate backing you are setting yourself up for failure.

The only way you are going to make sales from there is from your own list but, since this is your first product, you probably don’t have a list.

If you want to come out of the gates of your first launch swinging, you want to get some affiliates first. So let’s get into it…

First Contact

If you have made some sales already for affiliates, start by contacting them. I don’t want to say they owe but…


Contact them and tell them about your product. Explain to them why their list NEEDS your product and make sure to give them a review copy or access code so they can see the quality of your product.

If you don’t have a quality product, go fix it. You are off to a bad start and need to rethink your business.

Quality is the best policy.

If you want to be an authority you have to offer high quality items. You will sell more and gain the respect of your buyers.

Now if your product is of great quality and value you need to make sure the affiliates see your sales page. And before they see your sales page you need to make sure it converts well.

Try to get other people’s opinions as well as your own if you were in the buyer’s shoes. Make sure it is irresistible copy. Make sure you are getting emotional responses from people.

Make sure your sales page is the bomb.

Your sales copy will make the difference between $100,000 and $10,000. So ya, it is a little important.

It is not uncommon for people to spend thousands on the sales page. I mean look at the difference! $5000 on a sales page is worth it, if it means make ten times that back in return.

I use Instabuilder to build up my sales pages. OptimizePress has just never been worth the price. You pay for Instabuilder once and can use it for unlimited websites. It’s a no brainer.

Next you need to have a contest setup.

Affiliates are promoted by money so a cash reward for the top three affiliates is definitely something you want to have setup.

So when sending out your email to known or unknown affiliates you need to follow these criteria:

First Email

  • Send a sales page link
  • Link to JV page too where they can sign up
  • Explain why their list needs your product
  • Explain the earning potential which should show OTOs and upsell/downsell structure

Second Email (if they are interested)

  • Send a review copy and a big thank you
  • Remind them of the release date
  • Try to talk to them, ask a question that allows your relationship to grow

Gathering Affiliates

FB Ads

This is a golden method. Almost to good to share for free, but, whatever. If you want to gather affiliates to promote you, you should FB ads.

Try to target groups of affiliates who promote products in your chosen niche.

It is a surefire method and you should try implementing it right away.

I actually learned this from 80k Traffic Hacks and it is a great product I highly recommend.

FB Groups

Join Facebook groups and start interacting and winning friends. If you are shy just do it anyway.

I am an introvert, so networking is not my strong suit but I still do what I need to. Just always remember that eventually as your build your reputation you won’t need to network anymore. people will know who you are and will be willing to promote you. Especially if you promoted them back with your freshly built list.

Pretty much you want to look for Facebook groups where people announce launches but also simply internet marketing groups where people talk and just chat for fun.

Announce Launch

You should announce your launch on these sites about a month before release to gather up attention and build up an affiliate list naturally. You can also friend request people and chat with people on some of these sites (hint: contact the big sellers and tell them about your awesome product).

Attracting Affiliates

This is different than gathering affiliates because here you want them to be attracted to you. When they stumble upon your product, they should be attracted to it.

Affiliates are pretty lazy people, so there are many different tools you want to have on your JV page (the place where affiliates sign up to get the tools).

You need to have email swipes and ads created. You can pay someone on Fiverr to make them or you can do them yourself using Photoshop.

Now, this one is overlooked but essential. Not many people mention it but it is very very effective.

The method is custom affiliate pages. The best affiliates earn through FB ads and what they really like to have is a page you have created for them, with their face on it as well as custom bonuses. Bonuses are what you find on resales rights websites. I have some listed on the tools page here.

So all the affiliate has to do is send their big list of buyer to that page you have customized for them. You will get SO MANY super affiliates with this method. As they browse JVnotifyPro or other launch announcement sites they look for what is easiest. There is nothing easier than sending in their photo and receiving a promotion page in return. There only job is to send traffic to that page.

So that is it for gathering affiliates.

I really hope you enjoyed this article. I ask that you don’t ignore this information because it is essential to your success online. Yes, it takes time and hard work but you just need to get through and always keep your eye on the prize.

Not implementing these steps will result in a flop. You just spent a ton of time creating a product and it was a waste.

When starting out you need to have an affiliate backing.

So work hard and gather up a list of a affiliates. Yes, this does mean you have to create another email campaign in your autoresponder but it is not that hard to do so quit complaining :).

Please share if this was helpful as it is always appreciated.