Give ONE THING Your All

Don’t try and do it all. This site is called Everything Income but keep in mind you should explore one thing at a time. Most importantly you should never quit until you see success.

Sticking to one thing is one of the biggest struggles for online marketers. There are too many ways to make money online. It seems the smartest thing to do is go for a bunch to earn as much as possible. WRONG! In fact the opposite is true. If you go hard on one thing, you will build something amazing and profitable. Because you put your efforts on one project, it will become profitable FASTER.

Let me say that again. It will become profitable faster. So if you were to work on multiple different projects at once, you would notice much much slower results.

Millionaires all have one thing in common. They started with one thing. They gave all their time and effort to one thing and end up with a passionate project people are dying to buy. Why? We lack passion in so many industries today, seeing the result of something someone was dedicated to, is a huge value on its own.

Always remember, anything can be successful if you work hard enough. An example would be a product I released a while ago. It didn’t sell anything really. If I had gone all over the internet getting my link around to my sales page I could have sold. If I chose to dedicate myself to selling that product, I could have sold much more than the few copies I did. I could have gone to many different forums and posted endlessly with my link. I could have submitted articles to get free traffic. I could have done a lot. With effort I could have accomplished so much more.

So do you see how anything you do can be made successful? The problem with internet marketers is that we want it all NOW. In reality it takes some work to get where you want to be. Instead of working with that one product I released, I pursued something that might be faster. Don’t make this mistake.

If you want to be successful give one thing your all. You will become successful this way. I promise you. If you try to pursue one thing it will become profitable with it. Don’t quit. Quitting is just failing by choice. Don’t choose to fail.

Keep working hard. Find out what went wrong and figure out a way to fix it. Don’t just move on because you are failure-hurt or lazy. Keep working on that thing and never quit until you have success.

I am telling you. Failure to follow, will lead to failure overall.

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