How To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

IF you wan to make money online with affiliate marketing you have quite a few options, but first, let’s look at what affiliate marketing is.

Affiliate marketing is simply selling products for other people. TO do this you need to join the network that they sell their product on. Popular ones are:



Commission Junction


Amazon Associates

and many more

You simple get a link from them and get it in front of the right buyers. It sounds simple because in a sense it is. You have a link and you just need people to click through that link and buy.

So with that simple idea in mind we can move onto how you might get that link in front of people and earn sales as an affiliate.

Getting Your Link Out There


You can join a forum related to your product and put your link in your signature. Now all you need to spend your time doing is browsing through the forum and answering questions or making general comments.

If your link looks interesting people will click it.

Example: If you are selling a dog product you would join a forum about dogs and pets. You would then put a link in your signature with compelling text.

“Does your dog not come when called?” “My favorite dog training guide online” You can probably think of something better.

Start a Blog

With a blog, you simply write articles about your topic. When appropriate you can put in your link to the product you want to sell.

You can also write reviews for a product. Reviews are great because they highly suggest someone is ready to buy, they just need that last seal of approval. With a positive review, you can offer that.

Example: You can write some great informative posts about dog training, then at the end say “this is my favorite dog training program” which links to a review of the product or straight to the sales page.

Start a Niche Site

A niche site is made to just sell an affiliate product. What separates it from a blog to me is that you are not engaged in it. You pretty much fill it up with filler pages. Write a few posts and list a typical top 10 of the product you sell.

A niche site is simply more static or stale. You are not going to be active on it and it serves as a simple funnel to get someone to what they need.

You earn money by referring people to the best product related to what they are looking for.

Example: You can have a niche site where you sell skateboards. If someone types in “best skateboard” on Google, they will get your site which lists all the best skateboards. Your site may also feature a guide on skateboard and finding a good skateboard.


Simply create videos related to the product you want to promote. These can be whiteboard, explainer, reviews, on-camera, and whatever-else-you-can-think-of videos.

Simply make your video and put your affiliate link in the description.

Example: You can make a video summarizing a popular book, using whichever video method you want. In the description you would have a link to that book (using Amazon Associates).

Social Media

You can start a Facebook page where you can gather fans of your niche. Then you can write engaging posts that sell your product. I am loving this method so far and am focusing on creating more.

Do this on Twitter, Pinterest, etc. It’s super easy and great for newbies.

Example: Start a fan page or company page on your topic and simply write something and include a related link when appropriate.


This is a bit more complex but you can give it a try if you have money to burn. Simply use PPC services ike Google Adwords and Bing to buy clicks.

You will want to target buyer keywords that relate to your niche. Now you can link to a review of a product (as a presell) or link directly to the sales page.

Example: If you are selling a weight loss product, you can target keywords like “how to lose weight” or “lose weight fast”. When people type those in the search engine, they will see your ad and click through your link to a review of a great weight loss product, which further leads to your link.

Best Practices

  • Try To avoid linking straight to a page. You should always have some type of buffer that preps the potential buyer. A review makes a great buffer or a compelling story.
  • Don’t sell products you don’t know or haven’t tried. It will only build mistrust and you just shouldn’t do that to people.
  • If you can, collect an email first then try and sell the product. Now you have a list you can sell to over and over again.
  • Focus on only one method, don’t try to do all at once. Once you reach success with one, you can start over in a new niche or add on another traffic source. So if you start earning through your blog, consider adding Youtube as a new traffic source.
  • Don’t focus on selling and putting your link in front of people. Focus on providing quality content.
  • Outsource easy tasks like forum commenting and social media posting.

Getting Started

I highly recommend choosing a niche and sticking with one product. It should have an excellent sales page and actually be legit. Put all efforts into that one product.

Don’t ever quit until you get one sale with that product. Maybe even try using all the methods above. Just work to get results.

Wrap Up

So there you have it. Those are all the different ways you can make money as an affiliate. As you can see it is not complicated.

The reason most people fail, is because they try to do it all or they never try anything because they are always chasing the shortcut method. Shiny object syndrome isn’t all bad but you still must learn to focus all your effort into one method. ¬†

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