How to Earn $100/day With NO Startup Money

You might have seen sales copy that claims you can start a business online with $0 start up.

You then open up the product to find that even though they said no money down it will cost some money to buy a domain, hosting, and autoresponder.

Yes, if you are setting up a serious online business you need to have some initial investment. Not even a lot. A start with less than hundred dollars will do you well.

But I get it…

…and I was there once. I had absolutely no money and searched for every free method I could. It turns out there are ways to earn online with no money down.

Listen here because with some hard work you can be making $100/per day. In fact you could just stick with these methods and be done with it. The only problem with them is that they go against the point of working online.

To earn money you need to actually do the work.

You can’t scale because every bit of your time equals every dime you earn. There are no passive earnings here but these are still viable options to earn what you need to afford that hosting and autoresponder. And this is the only reason I recommend doing these methods.

So what are you waiting for 🙂 let’s get to it.

Writing – I worked on that site a long time ago. Go to the jobs section, choose an article you are interested in writing, and write. At first you are earning quite a low amount, but as you write more your rank increases which allows you to earn more per words you write.

If you just sit down and focus for a day you can earn a great amount of money. As you write more the faster you’ll get. This helps you earn more sure, but it also helps in general communication skills.

To improve your rank you need to deliver good articles. So with that comes some tips on how to write better.

Motivation – To write better you first need motivation so check out this article that is going to help you with that problem.

Examine – Examine other blogs. Look at their writing style and just read as much as you can. Eventually you will adapt some of that style to your own style.

Just write – If you want to increase your skills as a writer you need to write more. The more you do it the more you can improve your skills. Read over and examine your work. Check for the basics like flow. If flow is not something that comes natural to you, you need to read more. Read more articles that represent a style you like. A sense of flow will come as you read more.

Here is a great site I found that focuses soley on improving your writing:


Fiverr is absolutely free to start on. You can even write articles on it. It not a reliable as iWriter though. With iWriter you get to to choose and write. With Fiverr people need to choose you to write for them. But no biggy, you can sell other services on Fiverr!

First step is to examine yourself. What possible services can you offer people for $5? Second step is to examine Fiverr and look at what other people are offering. Do you think you could offer the same service or perhaps improve it?

I have my own theories for using Fiverr. If you want to check them out click here.

For the main typical Fiverr method go here.


With freelancing, you do need a skill to offer. Skills like graphic deign, writing, coding, sales and marketing. Just go to a sites like the following:,, Look at these sites and see if you have any of the skills people are offering. See if you have the skills to offer to people requesting help.


Craigslist 1 – Well you know the typical way. Everyone has junk in their house that can be sold for a ton of money. Selling items on Craigslist is a great way to earn some money fast.

Craigslist 2 – Craigslist is a great place to offer services too. The thing is people will be more trusting of you because you are local. You can offer the same services you would on Fiverr or UpWork. With some good writing skills you could even upsell some high ticket coaching services if you can.

Fill Out Surveys

You can get paid to fill out surveys on sites like Cash Crate if you need to earn a quick buck. All you do is follow what the site say to fill out surveys.

I actually used it for a bit but also opted to using iWriter because writing skills are essential to working online.

You want get rich with Cash Crate but is still an option if you really need some quick cash.

My Opinion

If you want to start an online business with no money to invest initially, you should work on iWriter. Even if you hate writing. If you want to reach success online it is gonna suck initially. Check out my article, here, on the pros and cons. But when you are earning a thousand dollars a month doing this it starts to be worth your time.

You now have enough to pay somebody to build up a profitable website for you. You also have enough to proceed forward with advertising, building up a blog, growing an email list and creating products. These are the things that will get you to the 6 figure range online.

But never forget, it starts with hard work. These guys did not just get lucky to receive a $19 billion check from Facebook. They had to work for it.

They needed to sacrfice for it.

As you start working online remember that. Remember you are sacrificing now to receive the extreme benefits later.

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