How to Write Good Content For Your Website

Let’s get right into. I am going to simply list the different ways I create content for my site. If you have a blog this info can be applied. Content is the new best way of marketing so take this stuff seriously.

I follow a lot of blogs

I follow a ton of blogs. I am a content/info sponge. I love learning new things and am always looking to increase my skills.

If I am looking for ideas I use those blogs I follow. I don’t copy what they are writing about or anything I just need ideas. I also look at different blogs to see which titles are most compelling. I literally just think about what I’d click on.

So look at your bookmarks. If you don’t bookmark things do it. I have a ton of folders in Opera that I organize my different bookmarks into and I highly recommend you do the same.

So go to those blogs and look at their content.

Don’t just look for title ideas but also take a closer look at the writing style.

Writing Style

I write the way I do because it is my personality but mostly because I am imitating what I have read over the years. I am sort of mimicking the writing styles.

I want to write in a fun way that doesn’t make people cry or bored. Simple as that. I want people to stay engaged so over time I learned how to section off posts with different headlines and super short paragraphs.

So essentially forget everything you were taught in school because none of it is going to help you in real life.

If you are looking to fix up your writing, just look at my site or those blogs and look at how the sentences are structure. Look at the use of blockquotes and different sized headers.

Try to implement the same strategies because we are all doing what works. I mean you are reading this aren’t you?

Buy stuff

Forget everything you know about shiny object syndrome and buy stuff. If you see a product that interests you buy it. If it is good and well written you know you can teach some of what you found in there.

I buy a lot of products and have learned so much because of that. After reading a bunch of different ebooks and watching videos I am armed with new knowledge that I can share or implement when I see fit.

When you write about information you find in a ebook, people can immediately feel they are getting really good and valuable content. That is how content marketing goes. You simply write really really good content.

Content so good people start to trust you and sign up to your list and buy your products because of the value you delivered to them in one article.

I know a lot

Most of the content on this site is written off the top of my head because I have several years of experience online. I know how things work and I know how to write about them.

When you have knowledge just sitting on the top of your head, spitting it out on a keyboard is not hard.

I can usually finish writing in no time in these cases.

So use your head. Spill the beans and share the information you know can help people for free, because your job is to create good content and good content is sharing highly valuable information for free.

Keyword Research

Sometimes the good content on your site is not going to rank very well in the engines. The only way people are going to see it is if they are already on your site. So here is one trick I know.

I call it SEO bait.

What you do is get a keyword research software like Long Tail Pro and find some longtail keywords to target that have low competition. You then create some articles centered around those keywords.

In those articles you want o make sure you link to other posts where possible and maybe even have posts links at the end which have intriguing titles.

So now you have free SEO traffic funneling people into your site who are going to stay and browse which increases your rankings and standing in Google’s eyes.

Make long posts

Yeah, really, make long posts. Try to make long posts that people want to read. Posts like creating a website or explaining how all of affiliate marketing works. You know?

Things people want to read and are willing to stay a while for.

This is only a theory of mine but it is also a concrete explanation.

I think how well you rank on Google depends on how long people are on your site for after searching for something. So if someone searches for “how to make french toast” and you show an article about “how to make banana pudding” they are going to bounce because it is not what they are looking for.

What Google sees is, someone searched for something, they gave you a chance and you showed bad unrelated content.

Google’s job is to give high quality results to searchers. If people do not stay to read what they searched for, it can be assumed that they did not find what they were looking for. So your site will eventually no longer rank for that keyword.

So make good posts that answer the question in the title and try to make them long to keep people on your site.

I can only confirm this by Google Analytics. I have on my dashboard all the info Google gets from my site for tracking. One of the stats is a bounce rate. How many people come to my site and just bounce versus how many stay to browse. If I have a 90% bounce rate Google is going to be like, “you suck, get your stuff and go, you’re not welcome here anymore”.

So make sure you have a good headline. Try to include the long tail keyword in the headline and do a good job of making it lengthy and thorough.

MAKE SURE to link to other posts where appropriate. Just look at this article. Do you see where I am able to link to other that may relate to a sentence here. It is called content linking and Google loves.

It also keeps people on your site.

So I hope you enjoyed this article. I will update if I think of more ways to write good content. In the meantime please share, leave a comment, and have a good day.