There are too many ways to earn money. Not just online but offline too. Here on Everything Income I seek to explore all those different ways leaving feedback on what works and what doesn’t. If something works I share it and release some more advanced training on the topic.

But how do you earn money online?

Well, I decided to share some examples rather than explain it blatantly.

But first, let’s get through the four ways people earn money online.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is selling products for others through whichever means you want. You can do this by promoting to an email list of active buyers or advertising to targeted groups on FB.

You can create a blog that mentions the product or do some advertising on Bing or Google.

How does it work?

Go to this website. Life Longboard and click one of the links to the longboards. Each of them links to Amazon or a review where I can pre-sell first then lead to Amazon.

After Amazon opens the user will have a choice of buying the product. If they choose to buy the product I will get a 8% commission.

So, in other words, if the product costs $189.00 I will earn $15.

How do I get that money?

This particular case is done through Amazon Associates so they give you the usual two options of a check or direct deposit. Nearly every website that sells a product has an affiliate program like this — you just need to look for it.

There are affiliate programs for info products that you would find on Clickbank, JVZoo, or Warrior Plus. There are thousands, maybe millions more but those are the easy most profitable ones to get into. Above I have an example using a $189 product where I get a small $15 commission. In the sites mentioned, most vendors give you a 75% commission. So, using my example, I would make $141 at that commission rate. Kind of a big difference.

Even better there are programs where you can earn recurring commissions if you are selling a membership type of product. So you don’t just earn $141, you earn $141 every single month.

Why would anybody click those links?

That is what making money online is all about. I am solving a problem or need. When people search through Google or Bing or maybe even Yahoo, they will find my website.

For this example I am using longboards for my niche. I really love them and knew it would be easy to write about them. I also remember when I was searching Google for tips on buying a longboard.

I would type in things like: “best longboard brands”, “best beginner longboards”, “best board for cruisers”, etc.

So when I type in these things I would get a website like the one above which answers those “buyer keywords”. So the result is — I have a question, someone provides an answer, and if the answer is a product, I will buy it as long as it is a solution to my problem.


Internet marketing is like a sport. We start off with something simple but it is up to the creatives to make it something more. When researching the history of longboarding, I realized this. It started of as a board that you just roll on. Just to get the board the way it is now, we needed someone to be creative in creating the board and its urethane wheels.

After the board itself was alright people didn’t just stand on it and roll. Some brave random person decided they could slide and drift around curves in the road.

Then after that someone said maybe I can go 60 mph down a hill with the right parts. After that, someone decided they could actually dance on the board as it rolls.

You see? After we are given a medium, it is important for us to be creative and invent new ways to utilize that medium.

What on earth are you talking about, Hannah?

Well we are given the ability to earn affiliate commissions off of other people’s products. It is up to us to utilize the creative ways people have found to maximize those profits — and just maybe, you can invent a new way too.

For example, that niche site above earns me affiliate commissions but there are more ways to do that. One way I could make commission from longboards is to pay Youtubers to put my link in their description. Or I can make my own videos with that affiliate link in the description.

But what if I created a site that gave away good information on a topic. Then I have an ad for a related product on the site?

I could answer people’s questions on Yahoo answers then recommend a good product for them to buy.

Other ways are creating a FB fan page for longboard fans and promote my links to them. I could go on and on.

Simply put, it is important to be creative and utilize everything you can to earn money and maximize profits — in a reasonable way.

So yes, you can earn money by being an affiliate, but the question is — what method will you use to earn those commissions?

That is what Everything Income is here to answer.

Product Creation

So we know you can earn money by affiliate commissions. And that is great! I mean, you don’t have to create anything, you just sell.

But consider this? When you sell a product for somebody you work super hard to get as many sales as you can. But think about? You are not the only one.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of other affiliates selling that same product.

So we move onto…

Product Creation.

Instead of being an affiliate selling for somebody else, you need to be the product creator. You want to create a product that hundreds of affiliates will line up to promote for you.

You create this product once using, a medium like JVZoo, WarriorPlus, or Clickbank, and you are good to go. Those named sites already have thousands of affiliates signed up waiting for a good product to promote.

Yes, you do have to pay the affiliates a certain percentage, but if you sell it yourself, you get 100% commissions — cause it’s yours.

But does paying 50% really matter if you have thousands of people selling it to everyone they can?

No it does not. Either way you are getting paid to do nothing. Your job is to make the product and recruit affiliates. Your job is done after that.

Earning even $100 is good, but many launches do well over $10,000 and can range into the millions over time. I just watched a guy pull in $80,000 in two days because he had super affiliates promoting his product. He didn’t have do anything but create it.

Well, that sounds awesome! How do I start?

It is as simple as this. Choose a niche to write about. If you sign up to my list you get the Golden Niche List free which is an awesome book filled with evergreen and profitable niches.

After you choose your niche, open up Word, and write about it.

And, that’s it! After that you just upload the product to your selling medium, create a compelling sales page, and you’re good to go.

Selling A Service or Business

The next way you can earn online is by selling a service or selling a business.

Selling a Service

Selling a service is simply performing a skilled task in exchange for money. You can sell directly or you can use a freelance service like freelancer, upwork, or Fiverr, to name a few.

For example, if you are a graphic designer, you can have a design website where you sell that service. You can offer logo design for $50 or more. You can put yourself on 99 Designs if you wanted.

Just think of the skills you have to offer and consider making a site like this or this. Are you a marketer? Consultant? Designer? What? Figure it out or maybe I can help you.

It is what I love, so if you sign up to my list, I will very quickly give you some consultation to help you figure out what you can sell as a service or where you should start online.

Selling a Business

This has been happening for forever. People build up profitable businesses and sell them for a profit. You can do the same with websites. You can build one up, generate traffic, and then sell it for 20x what you make from it per month.

This can be applied offline too. You can build up an app and sell it, you can build up anything and sell if it has value.

One really good way of earning is to actually buy a site on Flippa, fix it up, and sell.

To do this you need some basic digital marketing skills.


When you have a website that gets good traffic, people will pay you to place ads on it. Buysellads is the site of choice for many because it is easy to buy and sells ads there.

I’m sure you’ve seen it. Sites where there are so many ads the content is jumping up and down.

The website earns some whopping income from stuff like that. So if you build up a pure content website, you can be earning some big money from only selling ads.

Get Paid To…

There are actual things you can do to earn money online that doesn’t involve a website or ads or affiliate marketing. I hesitate to even mention it because I consider it to be mostly a waste of time. I mean, why spend time filling out surveys for ten cents if you can be building up a profitable website.

But anyway, if you would like to get to fill out surveys, you can do so with a site like Cash Crate. Cash Crate is the most popular site for making money from surveys.

I don’t recommend it long term, but it is great short term. If you don’t want to write with iWriter, you can earn just about that amount on Cash Crate.

I will admit that it is more fun answering questions than writing out articles. I did actually use Cash Crate a long time ago to get the income to afford hosting and domain.

Here is another reality

You can work on Cash Crate and build up about a hundred dollars. With that money you can pay someone to write 20 articles for a site you want to create.

Now you have built up a profitable website with no work and only filling out surveys :).

So for short term and expense covering, I recommend Cash Crate or iWriter but it is really not for long term if you intend on earning a full time income online.

So there you have it! Income 101

I really hope this article was useful to you and you learned a lot about how to earn money online. There are so many ways to earn online. People have been doing it for decades now and it is not too late to join up.

Everything Income was created to give you everything you need to begin your journey. I write some great informative articles that reflect all I have learned in order to earn money online and live the life I have always dreamed of.

I release some quality products that are designed to give you everything.

No holds barred.

I also am a coach that guarantees success if you follow my guidance. By the time we are through you will be an expert in internet marketing and best of all, I go at your pace. You get to ask whatever you want and I help you choose an online business that is sensible for you. It is a win win situation.

I really hope this page was useful to you. Please share, as it is always greatly appreciated.