Just Do the Right Thing – A Simple Idea to Increasing Your Productivity

Don’t think about it.

I’ve read so many articles about procrastination only to realize I was just learning about it. I wasn’t effectively overcoming it. The problem was that nobody told me procrastination had nothing to do with procrastination.

Procrastination is simply the result of having no self discipline. 

After I realized that, I got to work on self-development. I watched so many videos and simply grabbed hold of myself to get myself disciplined. One Youtube channel I highly recommend is Actualized.org.

I had success waiting for me and was not going to put it on the back burner so I could be self-indulgent, you know?

I wasn’t going to let a cool tv show or new video game stop me from reaching success. It would be so stupid to do such a thing.

Instead I had to pull myself together and simply think about all the free time and money I will have afterwards to be as self indulgent as I want :).

I accomplished it with my update on the popular Nike phrase “Just do it”. I now say “Just do the right thing”. And with that, I incorporated “don’t think about it“.

It all starts with knowing what you want.

Understanding your “purpose”. I quote that because I don’t see how anyone could ever know their purpose, but I do believe we can set relative goals to accomplish what we consider to be our “purpose”.

Once you have that down, you are ready to move forward by making a plan. Make sure you do that.

Make sure you have a plan. It is an important key to success.

Now, as you go through your day think about whether or not you are following that plan. If what you are currently doing something that does not add to that plan or add to your success, stop it.

Stop what you are doing and do what you know is right for your life, your well being, and perhaps even, your family.

If you find yourself stuck, it is not because you are a procrastinator. It because you have no self discipline. So here is what you do.

Don’t think about it. Just exit out or close down whatever you are on. Turn into a cold, apathetic person when you do this. Turn off your emotions and desire and just exit out of what you are doing.


Now that the instant gratification stuff is out of the way just do what you need to.

Another important part of this process is daily self-examination. Before your feet touch the floor in the morning, review yourself. Think about what you want in life. Think about how stupid it would be to let a Youtube sprial get in your way of success.

Think about what you plan on doing today to get there. After that you are now ready to begin your day with your head already in check.

It will be easy to get back on track with these goals so fresh in your mind.

So follow what I have shared and I am sure you will see some big changes in productivity. With this method I went from 1 article per week to nearly 5 per day. So it is pretty effective.

Take the next important step towards your success.

Key Takeaways

Don’t expect to be perfect. And don’t feel bad if you fail every now and again. Just try again.

Don’t think about how much you want to watch that show, play that game or whatever, just go emotionally blank and turn it off. Shut it down.

When you are being self indulgent just think about what you are doing at the moment. Are you doing the right thing? If not, you just need to do the right thing for your life.

There should be no argument there, right? Take the next important step towards your success. Life is too fragile to waste your own time towards being really happy.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Please feel free to leave a comment and share.