I think we are so blessed to live in a time where we have so many resources to be successful. We can literally do anything we want. Most importantly, we can learn anything we want, whenever we want, and wherever we want.

This page helps put everything together. I've spent so much time, learning and growing and this page is kind of everything I use or learn from to grow my business. From influencers, to books, to software, I lay it all out here.

Hosting and Domains

See what I use to host my websites and where I buy my domains.


My list of must reads that will open up your mind and get you to your dream life.


Check out my list of courses and why I took each one as well as my favorite sites for learning new skills.

Here are all the tools I use online and offline to succeed. Yes, some of these are affiliate links.


og-gd-logo[1]I use GoDaddy for all my hosting needs. I have been a happy customer of them for nearly ten years now.

I have tried everything else. Literally. I work on client websites and have experienced every hosting service there is.

They provided superb customer service and for only $8.99/month you can host unlimited domains. I have over 15 websites being hosted under one account with no effect on speed.

Web Hosting for Just Rs .99* / month!Overall they are a really great company and that is why I recommend them. They are leaders in the industry which means you can definitely trust them. They also offer the lowest hosting prices for the quality and user interface provided.

Get GoDaddy through my link to get a FREE domain as well as $1.00 hosting, but I suggest getting the Deluxe for $5.99 to host unlimited domains.


sSwMqqsH[1]As mentioned, I get my domains from NameCheap. It takes an extra bit of effort on my part to change the nameservers and all that, but it is worth it to not pay for WhoIs Guard on GoDaddy.

WhoIs Guard protects your personal information. Without it, your name, address, and phone number are completely open to the public.

So check out NameCheap for domains. They are usually about $10.

However, if you want to avoid some serious hassle, stick with GoDaddy and just purchase their WhoIs Guard.


For backlinks I simply use Fiverr and SEO Clerks. You can get blog comments, social media links, and other useful backlinks there.


iWriter - I writer is simply very well priced. I like them a lot because, you can choose who you work with. If someone matches you, you can request them to write more articles for you.

The available range of expertise is just great and I have been using iWriter for years. It is even cheaper than Fiverr.

Get a personal writer - hire a freelancer from any of the popular freelance sites like Upwork, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour. They are usually highly talented honest people. The only issue is they rates may be higher because of the quality. But you could end up with a permanent writer who is likened to your work.

Resale Rights

Resale Right Weekly and nothing else to say.

Except this.

RRW is my only source for private labeling rights content. I highly recommend staying subscribed for a month or two and downloading all you can.

The content will be useful immediately or at least down the line.

ID PLR is another up and coming that has a wealth of product you can resell. Even better, it is a one time fee for the whole site.


Site Analyzer is a great free tool I use to analyze my site and make sure it is setup properly for the search engines.

Google Search Console - There is no better way to rank on Google, then to use Google's own ranking and SEO tools. Still not sure why people are not more aware of this.

I use SpyFu to analyze my competition and see the keywords they rank for. I also use it to analyze my own site to see how people get here.

Links Management is the best place to buy honest, easy to find PBNs. It took away the pain of creating a PBN for me.

Keyword Research

Long Tail Pro is my preferred tool for keyword research. Although slow and glitchy sometimes, I still appreciate it and use it nearly every other day.

People just won't shut up about Market Samurai so I have to recommend it too. It is an excellent tool at analyzing competition and making sure your chosen niche and keyword is worth the effort.


Webinar Swaps


The Millionaire Fastlane

Think and Grow Rich


Smart Passive Income

Niche Pursuits


Affiliorama - Extremely thorough course that I highly recommend to beginners.

Wealthy Affiliate - The only other course I can recommend that takes you from nothing to a full blown income generating website. They have some superb SEO tactics.