[Review] Bring The Fresh? Yes.

Looking for a low one time fee membership site that will provide you with all the tools you need to make it online? Or perhaps you are looking to join a community of IMers who openly share their stories of success and teach you how they got there. Either way Bring the Fresh is for you and I am going to give you two main reasons why.


btf-logo_rszBring the Fresh is a membership site created by Kelly Felix (remember The Rich Jerk guy? Yeah that’s him!). It is going 20,000 members strong and the price has recently been lowered significantly to allow even more in. Kelly Felix has only made two big products and there is a reason for that. BTF offers everything one truly needs to earn money online. Producing more rehashed products simply would go against that. This by itself is one good reason to trust Kelly Felix (He follows my code). The question is why trust Bring the Fresh?…

I have gone through this product thoroughly and here are my thoughts. I will begin with the two main features.

I’ll just get right into the two reasons since I don’t think this needs to be long to explain why you should just join immediately. The first feature of Bring the Fresh is the main area which includes all the tools you need to make money online. There is a Guide to Everything book by Kelly Felix that is 124 pages long. Yes, you read that right. It is filled with info starting from the beginning of internet marketing making it just perfect for you newbies out there. More importantly it is not just an overview of IM filled with typical slogans.

It is a method…

bring the fresh reviewIt is the one method Kelly uses himself to make bank online. The techniques inside are ones he uses and more importantly ones you will not find anywhere. It is pretty much all the stuff the “gurus” hold back from you in their products.

He shares it all and that is another great feature right there. I do have one issue with method however to be honest. It requires money. Quite a bit to. After paying the entrance fee I am sure some might be disappointed to find that they need to pay more. I can only say that it could set you back $100-200 if you choose to use the described method.

However before this turns you off there is the second reason…

The second reason to join BTF is the glorious forum. That is where the real action is at. That is where people share their methods left and right. They show their earnings, post success stories, and will even mentor you if you PM them. I love it personally. There is nothing quite as motivating as a success story no matter how big or small. I like to go there to make sure I am up to date on the biggest methods to earn online too. In fact there is one specific thread I am following right now to test it out and see if the method shared is profitable.

I mean, if you are confused on anything you can just ask and people will respond who have been where you are. I mean it doesn’t get better than that. I will even go as far as to say the forum is even better than the book itself. It is where you really really get your value and all I can really sayis join to find out.

In addition to the book and the forum there are many videos for visual learners. He goes in depth on important topics like keyword research, setting up your site, buying a domain, site design, monetization, and SEO with them. This is really why I say you have all the tools you need. So let’s break it down a bit…


  • Large and extremely helpful, motivating forum
  • One huge book to guide you through Kelly’s whole method
  • One video series dedicated to SEO- a very touchy subject in the IM world
  • Basic videos for getting started and building a site form scratch
  • Interviews with other online millionaires

Cons (nothing’s perfect)

  • the main method requires big investment beyond the usually hosting costs


Years ago when I joined BTF I was paying $37/month! Yes and that is a huge investment. They later changed this, maybe last year?, to a flat fee of $147. If you were already a member you just didn’t need to pay monthly anymore. I just went to the main front page and found the price is only a one time flat fee of…wait for it…


I didn’t even know. There is pretty much no excuse to not join now. $47 is an amazing price for the value you are getting here. I have seen product with only a tenth of the info here for the same price. A course on SEO alone could set you back this much. An over-the-shoulder video course on building a site from scratch could set you back even more. It is a great value and I do not in any way say that from a bias perspective. I say it from years and years of experience and from years and years of buying into scams and setting myself back by maybe thousands.

Conclusion/Why You Should Join BTF!

So let’s break it down again. If When you join BTF you are going to be given a guide to everything. If you choose to follow this and put all your effort into it you will succeed no doubt. From my experience the method he teaches works. Quite well too ;). Yes there are costs but I think people seem to forget that a good investment is a good investment. If it costs $200 now to make a full time income in the future then I would happily invest.

However, with the forum you will be given the opportunity to learn other methods which will not require as large an investment. As with any method where you need a website SEO is important and that is where Kelly’ videos come in to the rescue. I highly suggest going back to them if you do find another method you want to implement.

As you can see Bring the Fresh is an excellent investment for any internet marketer newbie or veteran. However I would urge the newbie to buy it more. I have been there and was scammed so much. I mean product after product is created just to take your money. I like to see BTF as a safe haven for newbies. People in there will tell you stay away from the get rich quick methods and stay focused Screenshot 2015-06-24 02.36.19_rszon what being taught inside. There is nothing more important then staying focused so I urge you join BTF because you will not regret it. If anything it is an amazing tool to have in your back pocket.

Oh yeah and don’t forget as per usually there is a money back guarantee. There is no risk for you. If you buy it and for whatever reasons decide you hate it you can just get a refund no questions asked. So what are you waiting for?

Join the Bring the Fresh community now and start really earning online!

Side note: Go to this link. You see the testimonials? Those are real. people. who were really struggling and in the forum section you can PM them and talk to them! Where else do you have this kind of proof?

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