Seriously Build Your List From Scratch

You’re Brilliant!

Because you are here, I know you understand the importance of an email list. You know that to build a serious business online you need a list. You are already a step ahead by looking for tips on how to build that list.

You’ve come to the right place. I’m going to tell you my favorite and most efficient ways of building a quality list. I do not want to push cheap traffic methods because I like that one word… “quality”, which essentially means trustful buyers. So let’s dive in!

First method I love and recommend is solo ads. With a small initial investment you can go from ZERO subscribers to 100 buyers in a matter of hours.

That is 100 people you can sell or promote products to.

You didn’t spend any time obtaining them and can now make your investment back 10 or 20 fold. The opportunity is actually unlimited.

To effectively use solo ads you need to have some tight headlines. So I have a product for you. Not mine.

Email Cash Blueprint is an awesome product that teaches you how to create great headlines and increase open rates.

Once your email skills are mastered you will want to check out this FB Group. People give testimonials of solo ad sellers and share all the stats from the sale. It is awesome!

All you need to do is type the name of the seller in Google plus solo ads. So your search would look like this: “John Doe solo ads”. And boom you’re done, just choose the obvious one that looks legit.

I don’t like recommending products in articles but I do it because I believe they explain it better than I ever could in a short article. It is also good to have a good quality book filled with info that you will always have. Info that you can put in your own products if you wanted.

Second method to build your list and make money in the process is FB ads. They are more expensive but they work. When done right you can make your investment back almost immediately.

I learned a lot of this from 7 Day FB Commission Formula. Marc Brown is a great guy and explains all of this very well. The gist of the method is to create a sweet bonus page for an upcoming product and advertise that bonus page through Facebook ads. You get the sales and sign ups.

For the campaign you want to go to FB Advertising. Now in the ad options you get to choose so many different ways to target people.

For example, you can target the fans of Kenster. You know they are buyers and they are interested in internet marketing.

FB ad options are just so robust you could target people who love clowns that play the drums! On launch day just start your ads. It is that simple. The hard part would be creating catching promo ads. Which is another case where you would be picking up Email Cash Blueprint or maybe you have a similar book in your arsenal already.

I say go to FB Advertising and look at the options for yourself.

Third method is to have a blog that you can send traffic to. It should host your bonus pages and siphon emails through content on the site. From there you apply basic traffic methods to your site to build your list.

Fourth — ad swaps. I don’t like this too much because I feel like I am selling my list. I don’t do them but they are effective no question.

Ad swaps are like solo ads, only your money is your list. You are going to find someone who has a list the size of yours and exchange clicks. They promote your email to their list and you promote their email to your list.


You can actually Google ad swaps and you should find quite a few people.

Bonus Method – Out of all the methods, solo ads are the winner for me. I found a great book actually that enhances that method but I can’t find it to promote it. So here is a summary of the method.

There is this product called 5FigureDay. Sounds like a lot of money to make in a day but it is real.

Here’s how it works.

You buy a solo ad and sell 5FigureDay.  If you refer someone with 5FigureDay, the people they add to their list under the program are also added to yours.

The people they add to their lists are also added to yours. Just wanted to say that again to be clear.

So let’s case this thing.

Let’s say you purchase a solo ad from someone and get 200 people to join your list. You now have them on your list and can promote 5FigureDay to them.

If they purchase 5FigureDay and use it to grow their list, you will get the subscribers they add.

Just think about the insane potential there. What if each person on your list promoted to 200 people. You would, in an instant, have a 40,000 person email list (but being honest, that is not very realistic).

So how do you get those people to promote to their list. And how do you get them to get their new subscribers to build a list using 5figureDay.

Well the book I read addressed this beautifully.

What you want to do is teach people how to build a list. You want to give excellent tips because their list building success will be your list building success. You need to teach them all you are reading here.

Share any and all free tips to get them to join 5FigureDay under your referral link. So now you are giving them the tools to literally grow your list.

Yes, it is as awesome as it sounds.

So get to it. Read through the products mentioned and take action. Sitting around never helped you achieve anything. Err, you know what I mean.

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