circle 1Coaching is essential if you have no time to waste. If you do have a lot of time and money on your then buy the books and read them and hope they work. For those of you who need to build a business online and don’t have the skills nor the time to learn everything you need please take coaching seriously.

With coaching you get to skip all the failure and loss of money and time. You get to learn from an expert personally. There are no blank areas or times you can’t get your questions answered.

I remember buying so many internet marketing books online. Every time I found myself asking questions. “Wait, how did you get there?”, “What am I supposed to do here”. Or even worst and more common, “This method didn’t work, what did I do wrong?”. Think about how valuable it would be to have those questions answered immediatly. You couldn’t fail. And with me you won’t fail.

I am only going to teach you methods that work. Methods I use myself to earn online and I know what I am doing. This is my life, my passion. If you hit a snag I will help you.

Most importantly I give you options. I sort of interview you to determine which method best fits your current skills and needs. Want to learn Amazon FBA, Kindle Marketing, Blog Creation, Niche Sites? Let me know and I will guide through whichever as long as I know it suits your situation.

So if you are interested in coaching I won’t lead you on. My coaching services are $997 for mostly email based coaching over the span 6 months. More than enough time to build up a full online business. 6 months is definitely enough time for you to absorb all the information necessary to build any business online.

If you are unsure and have questions before making the plunge, contact me at

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