Should You Allow Comments On Your Website?

Wondering if you should disable comments on your site. Not sure if they will do more harm than good? Read this:

I am going to make this extremely simple and straight to the point. If you are looking to make your website big online, if you intend on building up a reputation, enable comments.

In fact you should beg people to make comments on your site.

Comments have three major effects on your website.

Free SEO

Many times when I search for something, the results are just an excerpt from a comment on a website. People ask unique questions in comments. Questions that when asked on Google, bring up that comment made on your site. Now people click through to your site.

Comments are completely free and effortless SEO. If you want to build authority and credibility online, you need to enable comments.


If you go on a site and see comments sayig how much an article sucks, you are not going to trust the creator of the site. But good comments, thanking you for your post, are going to make people see that you are writing good content. Their fellow readers just said so.

And it is a long shot but there is a chance that Google looks at what people say. Just like Youtube (owned by Google) ranks a video by its likes.

Engagement = Trust

I take comments on this site seriously. It allows me to interact with you awesome people. I get to show you that I will be there when you ask a questions and that I am willing to use my time to help you.

You want to have comments to show how much you care. The people already reading your content are going to love you even more if you take the time to reply to comments.

When You Don’t Want Comments

If you have a niche site where you are just trying to sell a good affiliate product, then you may not want comments.

I just simply believe comments will disrupt the process. You aren’t trying to establish a brand or anything. You just want people to get in and get out. No offense to them. Your job is to connect them with a product that will solve their needs, then you are done.

I have comments disabled on all my niche sites because of those reasons. But I have comments enabled on this site to get the three benefits above.


Think about what you want for your site. Do you want to build up a brand or do you just want to make a sale? Knowing if you should disable comments or not on your site is as simple as that.

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