Start Your First Passive Income Business – Finally!

Alright, you are here so I know you want to get right into. In this guide I will be showing you everything you need to finally start your online business. It is organized in a way to save you money and generate the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time.

How It Works

You get to make a decision here. To generate passive income you need a website and something to sell. You can sell other people’s products (affiliate marketing) OR you can sell your own product.

I ask you to make a decision because you may start your site in a niche that doesn’t support the sale of a product. 

For example, Life Longboard, a niche site of mine, is solely a affiliate site. I just earn commissions on longboards. There is nothing profitable that I can sell myself.

So I can’t create a product to sell on the site. Nobody wants to buy a guide on longboarding.

So when I chose that niche, I knew this. I knew I couldn’t sell a product on the topic and I never would be able to.

However I have another website about weight loss. I am already in the process of creating a product for that site. It is a niche with a need and I can easily sell a product to solve that need.

Why Would You Want To Create A Product

Why 1: You’ll be earning from affiliates selling your product passively as well as getting 100% commission since it’s yours. The hard work goes into creating the product rather than the website.

Why 2: If you create a product that actually helps someone they WILL share it with other people who need it. And most of the time people just want the solution. They don’t want to read through a hundred articles to sort of fix the problem.

Why 3: It is the people who sell the tools that make the most money. Never forget, the people who made the most money during the gold rush were the guys selling the shovels and other equipment.

For example, instead of trying to make money as a musician, sell a tool/course/product that helps musicians.

Quick Long Thoughts On This

I will call the options by 1 and 2 with creating a pure affiliate blog being number one. Option 2 is creating a website that can sell a product.

With option 1, I believe you are nurturing a want. With option 2, you are nurturing a need…usually.

Longboards are things people buy for fun.

When it comes to wanting something, you are looking for free guidance. You probably won’t care to by a guide for buying a want. BUT, when you need something, you are usually willing to buy it. Guidance is nice but eventually you’ll just want a solution to your need.

I say all this to give you some insight and help you make a decision between one and two. Do you want to offer fun free guidance, referring people to things OR do you want to solve a need by creating a product.

If you nurture a want, people won’t care to talk about you (nobody is going to mention my site after buying their first loongboard. Nobody.), but if you offer information that helps a business or person succeed. They WILL refer to you. It is inevitable.

I can’t name the site I used to buy my first longboard, but I can name the product that helped me learn something essential to my business.

Lastly, a product only relies on the sales page. A blog referring affiliate products, relies on how you write every single post. A blog site relies on people having to like you and your site too.

It is just slightly more risky and tedious. BUT, remember blogging is usually more fun because there is no research involved if you enjoy what you’re writing about. It isn’t really work at that point.

Note: When it comes to product site vs blog affiliate sites the only difference is the niche sell ability. For a product site, you can sell a product that people are highly willing to buy. For a blog you are selling things people are looking to buy for fun. Or they are simply just supplemental.

Both, either way, require content to be written. All you need to do is make sure something can be sold or not. Feel free to use the comments for me to verify a sell ability.

So…pick one.

Choosing a Niche

Now that you know whether or not selling a product is in your plans, you can choose a niche which supports your decision.

If you signed up to my list you should already know your niche but I will recap real quick.

Simply look at yourself. What do you enjoy. It can pretty much be anything. 

Another option is looking at people you know. I know someone starting a catering business. I know they need help getting it up and running so there is an idea right there. I can create a website that helps people succeed with their catering business.

My site would have a lot of free content but I would sell the course prominently on the site. Maybe even name the site after the product.

Another option is choosing a problem that you want to, or just can, solve. For example, nobody is passionate about weight loss but it is something I’d personally like to help people with.

As a result I created a site about weight loss. As of writing this I am in the process of creating my own product to sell on the front end of the site. (that just means on the home page over the blog content)

So you can choose a passion, but in a sense it doesn’t have to be yours. You can be passionate about helping other people do something like lose weight. 

So that is how to find a niche. Look at your own life and others around you.

Validating Your Idea

I think you can create a website about anything and people will come. But if you want to sell a product, you MUST make sure people are willing to buy it.

Here are some quick ideas to validating your idea.

See if others are having success

Check and see if other people are selling a course on it. Don’t take this too seriously though because you may have simply chosen a golden niche that people aren’t aware of.

Go to sites like Udemy and Clickbank to see if other people are selling a course on it.

You can also type in buyer related keywords in Google to see the results that come up. Is there s product being sold in the ads. Are people paying money to advertise? Do the first results lead to a site that is ultimately selling a product in the backend or frontend?

Browse Forums

Look at related forums to see if people are really struggling in that niche. Are they asking a lot questions. Do they seem desperate in any way? Does not seem to be a clear solution for them online? If so, you got a winner.

Change Your Mindset

Choose to be an entrepreneur. If only for a week. Entrepreneurs simply have a constant focus on creating things that improve people’s lives. In order to do that we must at all times have our ears and minds open to people’s problems.

Instead of just hearing someone complain and nodding our heads, we are already formulating a solution to the issue.

All you need to do is choose to think like that. When you hear someone complain about don’t think how you normally would.

Try to think of a solution, think about if it can be profitable. Ask them on the spot how much do they need a solution and do they know anyone else with the same who would also be willing to pay for a solution.

Do you hear anyone validating you idea? Did you did you ask if they would like your solution?

Turn your ears on and switch your mindset. This method can help come up with a product or verify the idea. 

Go to them

Go to the people who might need your product. Ask them questions and tell them your solution. Not only do you get info on how to improve the product but you have a chance of selling it before you even make it.

So you can Google search them and email or call them or maybe you know the person who needs your product.

Just go to them and ask. Verify your idea, add to your idea, and maybe even presell your idea.

These people usually have others they can tell about your product too. So don’t skip this. Take action and you will see results. Take no action and stay where you are.

Google Keyword Planner

Type in some related keywords into Keyword Planner. Are the bids really high. IF so that means people believe that paying a lot for one click is worth getting a person to their site. Which must mean they have something to sell that can make up that cost.

Domain Name

I won’t go into detail too much here but, simply choose something creative. If I was focused selling a product, I would consider making the name of the site the product title.

If it a blog, I just want something unique and creative. That is all you need to know about choosing a domain.

Think of some possible ones, make a long list and choose one. In fact, walk away from the list and come back later to see which ones pop and which ones can be crossed out.

Woo! The Fun Begins…Website Creation

Alright, you are ready. You are about to begin your journey and take the biggest first steps online. That is creating a website.

To do so, first you need…


og-gd-logo[1]I highly recommend GoDaddyI’ve been with them for 8 years. I had eHost, BlueHost, HostGator and I have used others when working on clients sites.

GoDaddy is the best and most affordable. Some companies will tell you can start for $3.00 but then you end paying $10.99 per month after the first. So don’t fall for that. GoDaddy for their Deluxe is only $8.99 /month.

It is the best value online. I host over 15 sites on one $8.99/mo account. And all my site still run fine.

You can get 99 cent domains from them and everything. Their cPanel is easy to access and they have the most straightforward layout I have ever seen for newbies.

I could go on but I think you get the point. I recommend GoDaddy for a reason. I strongly believe it is the best hosting option. I won’t even get started on their customer support. Never experienced anything like it. Just love them.

Web Hosting for Just Rs .99* / month!
Get GoDaddy through my link to get a FREE domain as well as $1.00 hosting, but I suggest getting the Deluxe for $5.99 to host unlimited domains.


sSwMqqsH[1]I actually buy my domains from Namecheap and then change the nameservers to Godaddy. I do this to save money on WhoIsGuard. It is a service that protects your personal information when you buy a domain.

Without it, people can see your full name, number, email, and where you live. GoDaddy offers it for a fee while NameCheap offers it for free.

If you are new, you may not want to pay the extra cost.

If that is the case go to Name cheap to buy your domains. Otherwise stick with GoDaddy. They always have a coupon code for 99 cent and $2.99 domains. It’s awesome!

Domain Taken? It’s okay. Try to add filler words or get a .com alternative like .net or .org. But you should try to avoid taking someone else’s website name anyway – just go to the taken domain and see if it is even up. Most of the time the site is down, they just want to sell the domain.

Try and adjust certain parts of your chosen name by adding “z” instead of s or changing “er” to just “r”. You know all the trendy stuff we do nowadays with namez.

If you are signed up to my list you can contact me directly and ask if you have a good domain name before you buy.

Install WordPress

99 times out of 100 you’ll be using WordPress as your content management system. All of my “tutorials will be about using GoDaddy to do different task like install wordpress.

So to install WordPress, follow the guide below.

Install WordPress 

Using WordPress

There are a plenty of videos online on using WordPress so watch this introduction but also search for other tutorials that are more detailed about whatever you need.

I am currently creating a WordPress Guide for internet marketers that only teaches what you need to know about WordPress to earn money online.

Setting Up WordPress

Choose A Theme

You do not have to purchase a domain but if you are going to purchase one I highly highly highly recommend MyThemeShop. A professional website designer can cost a fortune.

Why not join a platform with hundreds of themes and plugins to choose from. I am a programmer so I will spend the time to make my own.

You don’t have to. When I am in a rush to get a site up and don’t have the time to make a custom theme, I just buy one. You get insane professional quality at a pretty low cost.

MyThemeShop is awesome though. And if you are going to buy a theme, I highly recommend MyThemeShop.

Install These Plugins

Here are some plugins you must install on your site. I don’t include links here because some will be easier to just search and install.

I explain why you need them here. But if you want to just take my word for it, go ahead and start installing these.

All-In-One SEO

Easy Google Fonts

Favicon XT Manager

Contact Form 7

Instabuilder 2.0


PageBuilder by Site Origin

SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle

Social Locker

W3 Total Cache

Google XML Sitemaps


Disable Comments

Hide Title

Broken Link Checker

Thirsty Affiliate

Content Curation

So first, congratulations, you have no idea how much you’ve done so far. You are so freakin close to being up and running it’s crazy.

Your hard work and dedication up to this point shows me you are going to be successful online. KEEP IT UP. Don’t slow down now and let’s keep moving forward.

Let’s get into content creation and curation.

Write Super Informative Content

Read this article about creating great content for your site. The only thing I care to add to that article is something I find myself doing a lot now.

When you create a post in WordPress, you have a choice to publish it or save it as a draft no one but you can see.

Whenever I get an idea, I just create the post. I don’t fill it out or anything. I just make the headline and save it as a draft. Then when I want add more content, I just choose one and write.

I do this because ideas for posts are always popping in my head but I don’t always have time to write them.

Another tip to add on would to consider using forums to create long tail keyword headlines. In a forum people ask very unique questions that when typed in Google would only have that forum result as competition.

So use those as headlines and be sure to add it as a tag too.

Next Big Step…Create Your Product

Stay tuned for this in the next email. If you aren’t signed up, you can do so here. Sign Up! You will get the essential info that came before this as well as the rest of this.