The Guru Resistance

Hey :), this is just a silly but honest article I made about the three types of internet marketers out there. An if you are actually reading this, I love you and appreciate it. I am going to go over the full landscape of internet marketing and you are going to see it on a macro scale for perhaps, the first time.

Three Types

There are three types of internet marketers:


These are the guys who sell so much BS it’s amazing there are people listening and falling for their crap. These are the guys who scammed me when I was dead broke and desperate. These are the guys who promise you one thing but deliver something completely different.

Gurus have one goal and that is to make money. They see people as cash and make a very bad name for other internet marketers. They happily scam there way to the top and don’t care who they trample along the way.

They are the ones who may write reviews for products and never say one of them is bad. They are the ones who recommend products without actually trying them. They are the ones who only send promotional emails.

You must be familiar.

The gurus leave a bad smell or a bad taste. They leave a lot of people confused. They lead so many people to failure and I hate it. There are people who have returned to there crap 9-5 jobs because they gave internet marketing a try but got scammed by a guru.

So now they just think it is all a scam. And that right there, is rather unfortunate. That is where the guru resistance comes in ūüôā

Genuine (guru resistance)

A while we started to realize nobody is being honest. Every product is only its sales page. Nothing real is being taught and every product comes with insane upsells. So I consider the guru resistance to be the honest internet marketers.

They have a genuine desire to make sure you are successful and they will try every single way they can to get that across. Unfortunately so many people’s have been tainted by the gurus.

Gurus sell this idea of push button, make $5000 in the next 3 days even though you are a newbie. So when a Genuine internet marketer tries to tell that you need to put in the hard and you need to spend a little and you won’t be able to make a thousand dollars your first day people are just like no.

“I want what the gurus promised and I will buy every shiny object I need to until that promise is fulfilled.”

The Genuine marketer never gives in. They will never tell you that empty promise the guru gave is true, even if it meant they could sell you product after product. At times I have no choice but let people fail before they come back to this site ready to get REAL.

Genuine marketers do what they can. They teach real ways to earn online and if people just choose to ignore it and move on to chase the golden push button-no website path, there is nothing we can do but let you try and fail.

Learner/Follower (follow, buy, and learn from either of the above)

These are pretty much a blend of newbies, hard-work avoiders, and actual learners.

When someone new wants to join the world of internet marketing they will start with one of the above types. You are lucky if you started with the Genuine one. If you start with a guru on the other hand, you get that fake lie of a mindset.

That mindset stuck with for a very long time. I was never ever ever willing to put in the hard work. As a result I failed for years. But it was the guru mindset. It was them showing me Clickbank screenshots and telling me I can get there by tomorrow.

I believe anyone can as successful as the high up gurus but it won’t happen in a day. It won’t even in a year. But it could happen if you put in the time to learn.

I am a super learner. I have a post here that summarizes how in ways I have shiny object syndrome but I use to my advantage. All of the content on this site is from experience and straight off the top of my head.

I don’t need a book or anything because I learn so freakin much all the time.¬†That is what a learner is. They buy products in hopes of spotting new info. You can be a Guru and a Learner or a Genuine and a Learner. There are only benefits to being a learner.

It is okay to be a follower too. A follower is just a newbie learning the ropes. Just make sure you are following the right people.

Which Are You?

I am a Genuine internet marketer and also a Follower because one can never stop learning about the online world. I could be a freakin millionaire and I would never stop learning and following other successful individuals.

So where are you at? What do you consider yourself to be. Are teaching others, are you following others? Both?


This isn’t as a much a lesson as a rant but if you do need something to take away it is this:

There are scammers online who will guide off the cliff. There are also good people out there who want to help you back. Make sure that your mindset has not been tainted by the scammers.

Make sure you understand the truth about internet marketing. Make sure you aren’t a shiny object chaser because you will fail if you are.


Always be sure to learn. If you want to be successful online there is only one thing you have to do. Choose a method and work with until it is successful. Devote yourself to one working thing¬†AND…MAKE. A. PLAN. I have a giant post on this so I am not going to explain it but. Make a plan and stay with it. You know you have the syndrome if you find yourself way off course.

Plans change but make sure it is for good reason. Be sure to not abandon because you think you found something faster. Stick to your plan and learn every single possible thing you can that relates to that plan.

hey, plans change

I found myself making adjustments as I learned more. When I built this site, there was a point where I felt it was ready for the public. But afterwards, I found myself making a week’s worth of changes because of new things I learned. Those things are shared all over this website. ¬†But point is, plans change. you may learn that the path you are taking is no longer relevant.

I would love to help you though. You can’t make a plan without having an idea or knowing start. So I strongly encourage you to use this post’s comment section to ask any questions about where you should start. I will respond and guide you to what you need to do.

That concludes this wierd random article and I really hope you enjoyed. Please share and leave a comment, thanks!