The Many Keys to My Change (Self-Discipline)

This is the second part to my article How I Ramped Up My Productivty 10x. It got pretty long so I moved the Keys to Change part here.

These are all the things that ultimately motivated me to become extremely disciplined and productive in my everyday life. Not only with working online, but eating right and exercising.

Don’t be typical.

Typical is watching YT videos, playing games, watching tv,  and spending money as soon as you earn it. Being typical  is being a cold blooded consumer. All you do is consume and never create or give. You never branch out to help others. Your life is all about you and self gratitude. For productivity’s sake, that is a bad thing. For success’ sake, that is a sure way to fail.

Just do it.

I adopted this creed like no other. I learned to shut off my emotions and just do it. I am pushed forward by picturing the end reward now.

Adopt everything in your life currently to what you want in the future.

I began to relate every single thing I did to the future I wanted. If I am watching a movie that motivates my materialistic side, I relate that to the future where I am free to buy whatever I want. I then have the motivation to get to work after.

When I am looking at movie ratings for something in a theatre, I immediately think of a time where I have the time and money to watch as many movies as I want in the best movie theatres. Every time I think of these things, I realize I need to get started now. I want to be there now. I need to be there now.

Life is short (and fragile).

I know you hear this from all your crazy friends who “live in the moment”, but I really mean it. I take it seriously now and know that anything can happen. So understand that you need to work hard now before its too late to build the best life you can.

I’ve also been learning about our economy. The lowering price of gas scares the mess out of me. I want to be secure now and there is no time to waste. Working online is a sure way to generate a sustainable income fast that can get you to super early retirement.

Self-gratification will get you to a lonely limited spot in life.

Don’t you want to make the most of life? Don’t you want to retire early and happy? The slow lane is not the way to go. Working online can get you to retirement faster. So I prefer working super hard now to get to the fast lane later than working hard for the rest of my life to just stay in the slow lane.

Decide what you want and where you want to be in the next five years.

If you are not currently making a move to get there, rethink your actions and your strategy. Maybe consider working on your discipline too.

Don’t work hard, work smart.

To me working smart means a couple of things. It is first knowing when to take a break. I watch a movie from IMDB’s top 250 every day if I want. And just for fun, try to get some work done while watching. I play video games. I might go out every once in a while. I don’t just work. Although, since I have changed, it has been very hard to stop myself from working. I have to remember to eat, usually.

Second, it is putting together a logical plan and organizing your life and goals in such a way that will get you to your destination fastest. And don’t forget to rethink your plan. I make a new plan almost every month. As I obtain more and ore info I rethink my plan to earning as much as I can in a logical way.

You HAVE to want it.

Do you even care? Do you even want to be successful? Are you sure? Good! If you really want it, why are you letting ridiculous things stand in your way.

Don’t be weak.

Be the strong person you know you can be. Do the right things for your life and understand you only get one.

Every morning, go over what you want.

Picture you in your future and focus on the things you need to get there. Most importantly, think of why you want to get there. Perhaps you live in a nasty apartment (no offense), or your roommate sucks. Or you can’t stand living in your parents house anymore. It is negative reinforcement, but it works! If you want to get out of the dark hole, you need to think of why you hate the hole and why the outside of it is so worth the climb.

Don’t think, just do the right thing.

I have a new method where I simply turn off my desire and exit out of what I am doing.

You will feel better.

After I accomplish something big I feel way more satisfied than when I play an awesome video game for instance. It just isn’t the same. That is why a life of self-gratification will never be satisfying. You require that fun thing to be happy, but if you accomplish something hard that moves you forward, the amazing feeling lasts SO long. So you choose.

Admit your faults and don’t hide from them, address them.

I thought about the things I wanted to fix about myself and watched a whole lot of YT videos in the background were about fixing those problems.

You Don’t Have to Choose

When working online years ago, I was always held back by shiny object syndrome. I still have it, the difference is, I am more organize. Collect the info and consider the time for setup and the time before earning.

I build niche sites, create products, and do FB advertising for various things. On top of that I am getting serious about Amazon FBA. I don’t follow the “focus on one thing” idea. What I do is, follow a plan. A strategic money making plan.

The power of the subconscious mind

I think this was ultimately the key. I realized how powerful my own mind was. It is important to know this one fact: what you think of yourself is what you are. This applies to everything. If you feel like you are a successful person. Then that is what you are. Your subconscious mind will make you do what you need to get there.

So that is why I recommend starting your day off thinking about what you want for your future and convincing yourself you are already there. This is a mental exercise that will naturally lead you to your destination.

Just like when you go to brush your teeth. You have the intention and mindset of brushing your teeth. The actions of grabbing the toothbrush and toothpaste are your mind and body aligning. You don’t think about those actions, you just do them once you have set in your mind the fact that you want to brush your teeth.

It is a subconscious act created by a set mind.

Eventually, you will just do what you need to to get your body and mind to align — if that makes sense.

The same goes for success. In my mind, I am successful. I am and feel successful. My body just goes to my PC and starts getting to work. It is your body trying to be what you have told your mind it is.

That is essentially what has happened to me.

If your mind is set on success and you are unwilling to change that then your body and your actions must reflect that to balance.

I say turn off your emotions, but really I am subconsciously avoiding and cutting out the things that will not get me to the reality.

When your body is out of balance, you are not happy. Look at all the people now who change their freakin’ gender because their mind and body are out of sync. I can’t enjoy video games or movies as much because they go against my new success mindset.

I am on productivity autopilot and I did it with the power of my mind and great realization. I eat maybe one meal a day now, because I can’t help but work any more. I didn’t have to give my money to someone or pay a person to stand behind me as I work. I have set in my mind who I am and where I want to be and my actions will work towards that without thought.

Do the exercise and just watch the results. I know you will get the same results as me if that is what you truly want.



I hope you enjoyed these tips. Please share if you did. And please comment on any tips you think I missed on becoming super productive.