The Truth About Product Creation

Glad You’re here! I really hope you read this before launching your product. Once you read what I have to say I am sure you will be on a new smarter path in the online world.

A couple years ago…

I decided I wanted a ton of money now and spent months putting together a membership site. I thought it worked as simply as the “guru” said but it didn’t.

I made the assumption that once I built this site the people would come and pay a large monthly fee to learn from me, an unknown. I remember it just making sense. Now I look back and I realize how stupid how I was.

But that was what the book said. Why didn’t it work? The guru said the site could be bring in easy $10,000 per month!?!?

Well, here’s what the writer won’t tell you and what I had to learn the hard way.

You need to establish yourself. I mean what are you doing here if you don’t?

Do you want to be successful online? Do you really want it? Because if you do it’s yours. But you must establish yourself first.

You need to build a list and introduce yourself into the online marketing world by selling other people’s products.

Ya that’s right.

You need to sell other people’s products. When you sell other people’s products you gain reputation and here’s a great concept about its effectiveness.

95% of people fail online. Why? Because they haven’t read what you’re reading now. If you are on this site you have taken a giant step to becoming a 5 percenter — the few really successful people online.

It is sad to know but because so many people fail online you can easily stand out. Literally, if you get just 50 sales you will automatically be a top 25% affiliate on Warrior Plus. (while we’re talking about it, why not have that be your first goal).

You will standout big time. Sellers, err, vendors will be sending you review copies and contacting you before they launch. You are going to get approved immediately so you can start selling faster too.

Sell enough for the right people and you are looking at the full blown support for your product launch. You’re up there with them now so you can network more effectively.

Networking is what you do to build up connections and affiliates by simply chatting. You can also form JVs but that is a different topic. But you get the gist of what I’m saying. Now picture it:

“You are making affiliate sales (cash in your pocket), the big sellers know you and you are an authority affiliate now. You have a good size list just waiting to hear what you have to say and offer.”

Think for yourself…

What happens when you launch a product?

Seriously. Think about the outcome.

“You will launch your product and make a boat load of sales! Your list will buy it. You know those people you sold products for? They have lists too that they will promote your product to. Then of course the buzz will bring on more affiliates just begging to promote you.”

So let’s rewind…back to my situation a while ago. I had no list. I had no affiliate sales. I knew no one. What happens when I release a product?

You guessed it! Nothing.

No one knows me and I don’t even have a list to sell to to get the initial buzz!

Product creation books will teach you about creating a product in two hours but skip the part where you have to be known and established first with a good list. Or at the very least network to get some affiliate backing.

So build a list. Sell products and network with people. Create and grow a separate list of just affiliates. Follow these steps and I know you’ll succeed online and not be one of the 95%.

I gave out my full plan to achieving all the good stuff mentioned. It is something I could easily sell but I want you to succeed so check it out here and take notes if you need.

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