Why Blogs Have Such Great Earning Potential (Hint: It’s because of you)

Hey there! I’m gonna assume you are interested in blogging in some way, right? You are either on the fence about starting one or you have one that isn’t proving to be very profitable or successful. I have some thoughts I’d like to share with you from personal experience and really just common sense.

In case you don’t know my name is Hannah and I’ve been an internet marketer for five years. I was recently thinking about where I would start if I had to start over and where I would tell a student to start if they were a newbie with very little money to spare.

There are many options but I would say start a blog. Preferably in a niche where you can sell high and low ticket offers. If there is one where you are knowledgable and has those ticket offers then that is a double whammy right off the bat! You have everything you need already and I think you have great potential to be a successful blogger.

Starting a blog is a great decision and here is why.

Do you have a hobby of some sort? Something where you might watch Youtube videos to learn more about that hobby? Have you ever been more engaged in a classroom because you like the teacher? Or have you watched a movie simply because you like the actor’s personality?

Well, let me explain what on earth I’m talking about. Every single person is unique. You yourself are a unique and awesome human being! There are people out there who simply haven’t found you yet to tell you so. There are people out there who will eat your personality up (in a good way). If you write something they will read it. If you eat something they will want it.

I like to think we all have these specific chemical makeups that make us like what we like and love who we love. I believe YOU could write on the same topic as some big hotshot but still get your own more loyal followers.

I play guitar.

When I was searching for tutorials I found myself skipping past the biggest channels and watching a guy with only a few subscribers.

I simply like him more. If he’s selling I’m buying because he goes with me. I am more engaged because I like him, his personality, and therefore his tutorials more than the other guy on that one channel.

From this small example you can see exactly what I am trying to prove…hopefully. THERE IS ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE. Just because some other guy is hogging most of the subscribers for his WP tutorials doesn’t mean they like him more. It means they haven’t found you yet.

In the blogging world saturation is pushed over to the side because personality comes through. You and your unique personality will shape your subscribers list and steal subscribers from the hotshots.

I say there is enough for everyone because there is. Let’s say you only need 2,000 subscribers to make a good living off your blog. Those 2000 people could be subscribed to a ton of lists teaching the  EXACT same thing you teach but they only look at your emails. Why? Because, honest to goodness, they LOVE you. They trust you and your judgment and the other emails they get could rot in the trash for all they care.

What you have in the end is…ENOUGH. You have your loyal subscribers and the other unique blogger will have their’s. All you have to do is let your awesome and unique personality shine through.

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