Why You Need Long Tail Pro – Review

I want to get straight to the point here. You need Long Tail Pro and here is why.

It Slays Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is great but it lacks some things you need to do proper research.

Compared to LTP, I find Keyword Planner to be lacking in many areas. It simply doesn’t give the results you need.

If you are looking for ideas Keyword Planner shows widely broad results and if you take away the broad setting it shows to similar results.

You can’t organize the keywords. When starting a niche site you want to be sure to choose a low comp keyword. With LTP you can have it only show low competition keywords.

Keyword Planner just isn’t that smart. It is only good for some quick specific keyword inspection. It won’t give you good ideas beyond what you type.

LTP gives you a ton of ideas. You can type in one thing and it is just brilliant. I have gotten literally too many niche ideas because of Long Tail Pro.

Google just doesn’t give you all you need. That’s why it’s free.

It’s Affordable

Long Tail Pro is very very affordable. There are many keyword research tools available but they are darn expensive.

There are many expenses when working online and the lower you get your total monthly bill the better.

Market Samurai is great but it costs $149. Not too reasonable for a newbie. Other popular tools carry a really high monthly fee and internet marketers have enough of those.

Long Tail Pro has switched it’s pricing to a monthly model but it is well worth the price.

SEMrush is the most powerful tool for keyword and competition analysis and Long Tail Pro comes in right under it.

The difference?

SEMrush costs $149/month and Long Tail Pro costs $37/month with a $1 10-day trial.

It is the best value period. If you want a serious tool at the best price, Long Tail Pro is for you.

My Personal Experience

Long Tail Pro is responsible for 3 niche sites I currently have and the 5 more I am considering creating. USing that tool, I found a lot of golden keywords.

Golden keywords are the rare niche keywords that you can build a site around with little competition and a lot of ready buyers.

I would never have found them if it weren’t for Long Tail Pro. Because it’s not just about the keyword. It is about the competition.

LTP will give you the different ranking analysis you need to check your comp.

So I am sitting on a list of keywords that I can easily create sites for and rank with little to no competition.

You get everything you need to know off Spencer Haws site, Niche Pursuits.

More than a niche finder

It’s more than a niche finder. One trick to getting traffic to your site is to target longtail keywords by creating articles about them.

The search volume may not be high but if you write 10 articles for ten different keywords that have a 100+ search volume per month, that is 1000 people coming to your site every month. FOR FREE.


In other words, you’ll get your investment back. If you don’t, your site is not properly monetized, simple as that.

I think that is the most efficient way of getting traffic and Long Tail Pro is the tool you need to do the research.

I look to write one of these articles every month and Long Tail Pro makes it too easy to rank for them.

I’ve been gotten my return on investment. 

If you browse this site and learn all you need to build a profitable site, you will be able to utilize Long Tail Pro to bring in that free traffic.

You have ten days to try it out. Why not go for it?

Don’t rush or anything. The last thing you want to do is be paying $37/month for a product you don’t need yet. Wait until you have your website up and ready for traffic.

So I am not pressuring you or anything 🙂

When you feel ready, come back and consider getting Long Tail Pro as your official keyword.

If you are interested in looking at some other tools I use and find essential to working online visit my Tools page.

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